OxyContin Essay

1. Article Drumhead: OxyContin and Prescription Drug Abuse

The article “OxyContin and Prescription Drug Abuse” by Inciardi and Goode provides elaborate overview of drug job in the United States. In peculiar. the writers discuss OxyContin. its prescriptions. variegation and jobs which may look after its utilizing. The writers argue that the forms of drug maltreatment has been changed – drugs are emerging and vanishing from drug scene. and it is more hard for scientists to analyse which drug may do the most terrible dependence. OxyContin was foremost introduced to American market in the very terminal of twentieth century and it was used in hurting direction.

OxyContin is claimed to be alone as it provides patients with long-run alleviation from heavy strivings. particularly it is utile for patients who have been enduring from chronic strivings for many old ages. However. in the recent old ages the attitude towards OxyContin has changed as research workers claim it has negative affect on patients’ wellness doing dependence and increasing abuse possible. However. medical effects are still appreciated. Oxycodone is an active constituent of OxyContin and it has been used for centuries in hurting direction. The writers define oxycodone as “a semi-synthetic narcotic anodyne most frequently prescribed for moderate to severe hurting. chronic hurting syndromes. and terminal cancers” . ( Inciardi & A ; Goode. p. 17 )

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Oxycodone is really effectual in direction hurting if it is supervised by doctors. The singularity of OxyContin is that it contains aspirin. whereas others oxycodone medicines don’t. In such a manner. OxyContin is able to lengthen and increase efficiency of oxycodone. Doctors say that OxyContin is able to guarantee hurting alleviation for about 12 hours. although it is argued that it may go alleged maltreatment. Clinical trials show that OxyContin is effectual analgetic in patients with moderate and terrible strivings. Nevertheless. Food and Drug Administration emphasis that OxyContin carry high maltreatment hazard as it acts similar to narcotic substances. Therefore. usage of OxyContin should be carefully managed. in peculiar in patients with higher hazard of substance maltreatment. Additionally. OxyContin is claimed to transport a boxed warning known as ‘black box’ .

The writers admit that “although there are several beginnings of national informations on drug maltreatment that have been operated for decennaries. the aggregation of specific informations on OxyContin maltreatment is rather recent” . ( Inciardi & A ; Goode. p. 19 ) One of the government-sponsored surveies shows that drug maltreatment is higher among high school pupils. striplings and immature grownups. This study dates 1975. whereas OxyContin surveies appeared merely in 2002. Harmonizing officially collected information of 2002. it is revealed that approximately 3-4 % of 8th. 12th and 10th graders have used this medicine at least one clip during the twelvemonth. One more interesting fact is that the usage of Vicodin was significantly higher than that of OxyContin.

Medical scrutiny of deceases during the period of 2000-2001 showed that about 950 deceases were related to oxycodone usage. Statistic is flooring and the inquiry appears: how can oxycodone be effectual and. at the same clip. so fatal. About 49 % out of 950 deceases were associated with OxyContin maltreatment – 146 deceases were ‘OxyContin verified’ and 318 deceases were ‘OxyContin likely’ . Medical experts argue that the decease “may be a consequence of overdose induced by a combination of substances. non merely the oxycodone itself” . ( Inciardi & A ; Goode. p. 19 ) OxyContin maltreatment was foremost reported in rural Maine. and so in Appalachia and Ohio Village. These parts appeared to be at the highest hazards as rural countries are more stray and have less information about dependence effects of oxycondone. Summarizing up. the writers argue that OxyContin maltreatment is still on the rise.

2. Two Articles: Compare and Contrast

Similar to the article “OxyContin and Prescription Drug Abuse” by Inciardi and Goode. the article “Misuse of Pharmaceuticals Linked to More ER Visits” by Donna Leinwand discusses the job of substance maltreatment in the United States. Leinwand adds that the job is declining because of nonprescription drugs: “Overdoses of prescription and nonprescription drugs are directing more people than of all time to exigency rooms” . ( Leinwand. p. 12 ) However. the primary difference in authors’ places is that Leinwand defends place that the job with drug maltreatment is attributed to pharmaceuticals. whereas Inciardi and Goode argue that people prefer o.d.ing themselves to pull off hurting.

Leinwand stresses that. harmonizing official rates. there were more than 613. 000 instances of o.d.ing cocaine and heroine. whereas the figure of improper prescriptions is about 598. 000. Inciardi and Goode say that OxyContin is really effectual in hurting direction ; although they stress that it is at hazard to develop dependence. However. they still recommend OxyContin prescription if it is supervised by professional. In contrast. Leinward argues that it is necessary to forestall drug abuse even if it is effectual in hurting direction by re-shaping and re-evaluating approaching to covering dependences – foremost. by seeking for new medicines with no dependence effects. Pharmaceuticals should be really careful with drug prescription as abuse may ensue in terrible dependence.

Both Leinwand and Inciardi and Goode see hydrocodone and oxycodone as the most common drugs associated with overdose as they are narcotic analgesics. They argue that oxycodone maltreatment is still on the rise – up to 24 % addition in overdose over the past old ages. Medical usage of narcotic analgesics has grown and the writers recommend proper direction and happening new effectual analgesics with lower dependence hazard as “these are good drugs. and we want people to hold entree. but these are besides substances that can be easy abused” . ( Leinwand. p. 12 ) Summarizing up. both articles are professional. well-developed and decently supported surveies of the drug maltreatment job in the United States. The writers provide theoretical and practical model by offering official statistics. sentiments of medical experts. etc. These articles set the background for farther researches in drug maltreatment field.


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