Over Consumption in America Essay

Over the past 50 old ages. the criterion of life for American households has doubled. Most of these households live in a two-income family in order to get the money needed to populate up to these criterions ( Pierce ) . This alteration has enabled Americans to have more material ownerships and has besides caused them to desire even more. It is this construct of “wanting” that is taking to the turning job of over ingestion in America. Peoples are lending to the job by eating more and purchasing more and more “non-essentials” such as Televisions. computing machines. and autos.

Peoples find themselves desiring more and more material things in order to go happy. when in actuality it may be holding the contrary consequence because it is non possible to of all time obtain everything that he/she wants ( Easterbrook 124 ) . By populating more merely we can go happy by passing more clip with our households and communities and besides by assisting others.

In the yesteryear. Television was thought to be a manner to convey the household together. However. today. more than three quarters of American households own two or more telecastings. Having multiple sets causes household members to watch different plans. in separate suites. drawing the household apart as opposed to conveying them together. Even some kids have Television sets in their suites. Alternatively of playing outside. childs are passing hr in forepart of the telecasting ( Winn 465-66 )

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Childs are besides being affected by other new electronics. High-tech children’s playthings are going more and more common. Alternatively of playing outside with other childs. kids in our society drama picture games or play on a computing machine. Even educational playthings are being made electronic. Particular laptops are being made for kids every bit immature as preschool or kindergarten. This is going all that kids know. Their coevals is turning up reliant on computing machines. In the hereafter they might non hold a pick to loosen up and populate more merely because the high tech universe is all they know ( Kalson ) .

Another issue lending to the job of over ingestion is autos. For some people. having a auto can be necessary. For others. public transit is an option. Owning one or more autos can besides impact the community by utilizing unneeded sums of fuel and by fouling. The auto besides allows us to populate a high-velocity life. Americans are invariably going or working and are non taking the clip to loosen up as we did in the yesteryear. America’s fast paced life style is portion of the ground we don’t pass as much clip with our households and friends as in other civilizations ( Wilson ) .

Americans besides contribute to over ingestion by the sum of nutrient we eat. Obesity is a turning issue in American society today. Twenty per centum of kids are overweight. If this job persists. the following coevals could be the first in 200 old ages to hold a shorter life anticipation than the last. The greatest issue of this job is fast nutrient and the parts of it. Alternatively of eating healthy. place cooked repasts. Americans are replacing them with fat and Calorie loaded fast nutrients and precooked repasts. This job is taking towards more wellness jobs. 30 per centum of male childs and 40 per centum of misss born in the twelvemonth 2000 are expected to hold diabetes at some point in their life. Americans can contend this job by seeking to populate more like people in other states by eating healthier nutrients. smaller parts. and learning kids how to eat right ( Mieszkowski ) .

Part of the ground that Americans have such a big function in this job might perchance be because of advertisement. Because our media is so widely dispersed and easy accessed. Americans can be more easy persuaded. This issue can besides associate back to the job of watching excessively much Television. Because the United States has no ordinances on advertisement. anyone can be affected by any sum of advertisement. Children. who are more susceptible. can be manipulated into believing that they need something that they truly don’t. This job could perchance solved by curtailing the sum of advertisement or where advertisement is aloud. We can besides defy this job being more aware of it. By judging each ad to see if it is coercive. delusory. or manipulative. we can take the emotional entreaty of the commercial and do a more rational determination ( Hirschberg 61-68 ) .

However some people think that over ingestion is non the job:

… ( S ) quandering money on large screen TVs. McMansions. eating house repasts. outsize autos and luxury vacations… ( are non to fault ) for insolvency and all those maxed-out recognition cards. Instead… ( it is ) … the high cost of lodging and education… ( F ) ixed disbursals that can rapidly make a sea of ruddy ink when households face layoffs. unwellness. or divorce. Skyrocketing health-care costs add to the job ( Gardner ) .

If Americans started to populate more merely. we could non merely derive felicity by loosen uping and passing more clip with our households. but we could besides give some of our excess money or properties to charity. Helping those in demand can give us a sense of ego worth that could non be obtained by populating as we do now. Linda Pierce argues that “simplicity values” are of import to enrich a individuals life. She states that Restricting stuff ownerships. Meaningful work conditions paid or voluntary. relationships with friends and household. enjoyable leisure activities. and a connexion to community are good values to endeavor for in order to populate merely ( Pierce ) .

Over ingestion is affection all Americans’ lives. particularly the lives of kids. the following coevals:

Television and picture games have vanquished running about outside. Childs in the metropolis have excessively few topographic points to play. And ( sic ) Idahos in the suburbs have no pavements to walk on. much less topographic points to walk to. Fewer childs walk or ride their motorcycles to school. either because there’s no safe path. or it’s merely excessively far. At school. phys erectile dysfunction and deferral have been shortened or eliminated. through the dual whammy of budget cuts and he renewed accent on academic testing. And ( sic ) many schools sells debris nutrient to childs in the cafeteria in effort to subsidise shriveling budgets through soft drink and confect saloon gross ( Mieszkowski ) .

The longer this job goes unresolved. the harder it will be to get the better of it. It is of import to get the better of this job to derive felicity by deriving leisure clip and disbursement more clip with their households and communities and besides by assisting others in demand. If we can carry through this. Americans can halt tie ining a “good life” with material ownerships but with personal felicity alternatively.

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