Organizationnal organization faces many difficulties in market,

learning is the process of creating, retainning, and transfering knowledge
within an organization. An organization improve over time as it gains
experiences. From this experience, it is able to create knowledge. This
knowledge is broad, covering topic that could better an organization. Examples
may include ways to increase production efficiency or to develop beneficial
investor relations. Knowledge is created at four different units: individual,
group, organizational, and interorganizational.

In business and
organization , holistic thinnking is often used synonymously with systems
thinking. Systems thinking is your abbility to things as a whole (or,
holistically) including the manny different types of relationships between the
many elements in a complex system.

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A systemic thinking is
looking into interrelationships between different components and have a word
view and appreciate the point of view of others.

So the way of thinking
of manager affect the the organaization’s ability to learn, when the manager is
a holistic thinker, many details may be averrided and not given the best
interest which could lead to more efficiency or new inventions, in the other
hand when the manager is systemic thinker he will be versed in almost all
details of all departments and communcatting with these departments will help
him to lead a good learning organization.





2- Every organization
faces many difficulties in market, and almost all organizations are exposed to
many obstructions that affect the leraning of the organization. Some of these obstructions
are; lack of leadership training, disregard
of team Success, Short-term focus and the contradiction between espoused theory
and theory in use which is the point that we are going to explain it in details.the
espoused theory is the way that the employee is saying how he will follow in doing
the job, and the theory in use is the real way that is being used in completing
the job. So the split between the espoused theory and theory in use will affect
the organizational learning, because if there is a problem that needs solving
the feedback infromations will wrong and efforts put will be no avail because
it will solve a problem that may does not exist already.


3-structure refers to stable aspects
of something, and process refers to the faster moving event that happens
against the backdrop provided by the structure.the simpler definition of a
system is an assembly of interrelated interconnected parts that does something
for a purpose for some body so the “assembly” is the structure and “doing” is
the process

The value
and behavior that conntribute to the unique social and psychlogical enviroment
of an organization.
Organizational culture includes an organization’s expectation, experience,
philosophy, and values that hold it together, and is expressed in its
self-image, iner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future
expectations. It is based on shared atitudes, beliefs, customs, and written and
unwriten rules that have been developed over time and are considered valide.
Also called corporate culture, it’s shown in 
(1) the ways the organization conducts its business, treats its employees,
customers, and the wider community, 
(2) the extent to which freedom is allowed in decision making, developing new
ideas, and personal expression, 
(3) how power and information flow through its hierarchy, and 
(4) how commited employees are towards collective objectives.

It affects the organization’s productivity and performance, and provides
guidelines on customer care and service, product quality and safety, attendance
and punctuality, and concern for the environment.

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