Organizational and Human Resource Management Practices in Cuba Essay

Communism and capitalist economy are something that goes at the same time in Cuba. The announced virtuousnesss of socialism are still hyped. Many of the traditional features of the alleged “ socialist high quality ” are still in being, which embraces the congratulations of the socialist system ( employment security, party/management leading ) , “ industrial harmoniousness ” ( implemented by trade brotherhoods ) , “ equality ” ( materialized in low pay derived functions ) , and the being of the political dimension in organisational life.

But this constellation of patterns led to a deficiency of motive for production and finally to the prostration of the economic system. Organization in Cuba has to look through assorted facets runing from economic and political issues and policies to the inter cultural direction and inter political relations managing. There are assorted issues that needs to be addressed by the car company if in instance established in Cuba. Problem of Agency Lack of inducements for directors in the organisation in Cuba has no inducements to work for efficient and effectual organisational public presentations.

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They are all guarded by the political political orientations and all the advancement and inter organisational political relations arises out of the ideological families. This shows the job in the bureau itself. Growth on the footing of Party Loyalty Upper direction were non appointed on the footing of their concern leading accomplishments and consequences oriented public presentation, but instead on the footing of their ideological aims and party trueness. Organization to get the better of the drawbacks of State-Owned Organizations

Assorted factors like centralised staffing policies, absence of a meritocracy system and low pay derived functions led to a deficiency of control for single public presentation. This besides evolved the being of a “ no-owner company ” civilization, which is rather common in state-owned organisations. Irrespective of the fact that all the alterations have been introduced in the organisations after the period especial ( the period following the autumn of the communist axis, that marked the terminal of a particular relationship with the Soviet Union ) , many of these symptoms are still present in Cuba.

Rated as the Worst Place to work In 2001 Newsweek Magazine ‘s canvass of the worst states ( Contreras, 2001 ) , classified Cuba as the worst topographic point for venture capitalists to do a life. Address the transmutation in the Cuba The organisations need to get by up with and turn to the assorted transmutation that can be thought to hold emerged from the repercussive actions of two chief forces: The on-going patterns of agents ( people, groups, organisations ) that try to suit to mundane eventualities Coercive institutional forces, viz.

The State ordinance and the informal ideological values and norms Rather than as independent, both of these procedures should be viewed as interdependent. There is, therefore, interplay between emergent and planned alteration, between bureau and construction. Human Resource Management Practices To Be Addressed While Production of Automobile in Cuba For the company to prolong and win Human Resource Management plays the critical function. A company must be really effectual and efficient in its Human Resource Management patterns in order to stand out.

As the state Cuba is rated as the worst topographic point to work these will be assorted reverberation for the company to enroll the people from abroad to work at that place. They will hold to turn to the two major issues: Attracting & A ; Retaining of employees hired from outside Cuba State For this the company has to device assorted factors such as profiles, bundles for the recruits that people will be attracted to come to Cuba and work. Meanwhile they should besides alter the civilization of advancing employee on the footing of political political orientation and admit the public presentation.

The employees should be given all the autonomy of address and should be treated every bit. Hiring and Retaining the local ( Cuba Nationals ) If the company of all time plans to engage the local subjects, the critical factor that it should take attention of is that they do n’t convey in the conservative civilization of Cuba and the political political orientations that would halter the growing of the organisational every bit good as the productiveness of other international employees. After the employees are hired so the issue that needs to be addressed are as follows:

Work Environment A secure and joyful workplace makes the employees experience good about being associated with the organisation. To get the better of the fact that Cuba is the insecure and the worst topographic point to work the organisation should give importance and supply the sense of security to each employee out at that place that gives them the motive and inducement to remain. The organisation can follow assorted tendencies to accomplish this end such as carry oning the internal studies to happen out whether they are satisfied and if non what they think demands to be changed.

Open Management Open civilization motivates invention and authorization. Company must ever be crystalline in whatever determination it takes or does. Employees should non be kept in dark or deprived of what is go oning in the company. They feel motivated and develop passion merely when the direction opens up to and comes up with the procedure wherein each person has the participative function in discoursing about the company policies, clients, contract, gross revenues, ends and aims.

This will enable the company to promote participative direction. One can ever enable the flow of originative juices in its employee by inquiring them about new thoughts or giving them the platform to unleash their advanced capablenesss. This unfastened civilization will set in and open the sphere in edifice trust and actuating the employees. The company can really use several tools to pattern Open Culture Management. Performance Incentives

Employees feel motivated merely when they feel that their work is being recognized and they are valued for whatever they deliver. Almost every good public presentation is ever appreciated in the signifier of, fillips, a rap on the dorsum or giving some other compensation for a occupation good done. Organization should ever come above the feeling that employees are “ Just ” making their work. Such organisations which believe in the “ Just ” work doctrine are those who are someway able to keep their abrasion rate.

To run expeditiously and derive the ability to retain their staff and maintain them happy the organisation should invent a policy and patterns of admiting the attempt of its employees. Not merely on supplying inducements but the organisation should concentrate on hiking the staff morale. Assorted procedures can be devised which will enable the organisation to make up one’s mind whether the inducements can be implemented at the person or at the squad degree. Maximum of clip it has been seen that this works admirations in acquiring the best out of the employees.

But the company should ever do it a point that it is monitored that no employee is awarded the fillips without a ground, unless it is a committedness for one-year fillips or something like that. Honoring without the proper ground will merely cut down the sensed value of the public presentation recognition system. Performance Feedback This is the methods that no organisation misses to follow. Most of the Automobiles organisations today follow 360 grade feedback system.

In this system, feedback is non merely taken from the foreman, but besides from other seniors and subsidiaries. In earlier yearss grasp was something that was merely hunted from the immediate foreman or the direction, but today with the alteration in clip, the construct of grasp has evolved where the organisations understand the importance of roll uping public presentation feedback from several quarters and from 1s boss every bit good as the subsidiaries and the equal group. The sentiment of each employee is valued every bit.

The sentiment provided by all is given the equal importance particularly while reexamining person who is in a leading function at any degree. Constructive feedback is received from each individual in the squad. This sort of system helps to place the people who can execute good as leaders at higher degrees in the organisation. Employee Evaluation Today the car companies non merely concentrate on measuring the exclusive employee behaviour or public presentation but what they seek is the alliance of employees public presentation and ends with that of organisational ends.

They should invent an rating system which will associate the single public presentation to the ends and precedences of the organisation. For this system to work efficaciously and expeditiously, the accomplishments should be tracked over an twelvemonth. An rating system tends to be just if the reappraisal of each employee, is done by another individual at a higher degree, for whom the employee ‘s part is of import instead than being evaluated by the immediate foreman under which the employee is working. Besides the evaluations from other employees can be of great value.

Such system will guarantee a just and accurate evaluation of each and every employee. Knowledge Sharing Knowledge sharing is a new and outstanding scheme that helps in the improvement of the employees and their work. All the knowing information is stored in the cardinal databases that can be accessed by each and every employee. For illustration, An employee that has been sent for preparation for some specific class can hive away the acquired cognition in these cardinal databases which can be used by other employess learn from it.

Besides the assorted advanced thoughts that the direction deems tantrum for employees to see, can be stored here for all to see. Publicize Good Performances Every company has an employee who are first-class performing artists and who ever excel at what of all time they do. Such public presentations should be acknowledged, highlighted and displayed where all other employees can hold a expression at them ; For illustration they can be highlighted at show boards and intranet etc. This will work as an encouragement for other employees to give their best.

A proper system should be set up to do a list of high public presentations at peculiar period ( It can either be quarterly or annual or so on ) . Discussions Organizations that thoughts and understand that employees who are really working and cognize the concern can supply the best thoughts are ever successful. There should be a treatment between the direction and the employees to acquire these thoughts out of them. This can affect assorted brainstorming Sessionss, or the usage of suggestion boxes to capture these thoughts.

This ystem can be used as the endowment Hunt internally wherein the directors can really calculate out the gifted employees and develop their cognition and capablenesss. Wagess Recognition of endowment is the critical factor for every organisation to maintain its employee happy, this acknowledgment attempt can be made public in assorted ways such as keeping ceremonials and denoting the accomplishment of the fellow employee to the whole universe ( the employees ) . What could be better for an employee than the tickle pinking feeling from a resonating grasp.

The Surprise Factor Everyone loves surprises. The company should seek and do attempt to surprise its meriting employees – when they are least anticipating it. They can either be awarded with a gift certification or a little wages of some kind. The surprises can be randomply given to any employee instead than restricting it to the best performing artists within the organisation. Making an employee feel like a million dollars pays in the signifier of the success of an organisation.


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