Organisational Behaviour – Organisational Structure and Culture Sample Essay

In order to understand and measure different concern constructions one must be cognizant of the exact significance and criterions. which make that construction. Different concern map in different ways. The World today is full of advanced and new constructions. company civilizations and ways in which companies base their work. Globalization has emphasized the significance of company civilization in ways that have led to wholly new thoughts. while engineering has changed the face of the industry ( The Age of Globalization: Impact of Information Technology on Global Business Strategies. 2007 ) . In order to to the full hold on the constructs of concern constructions and cultures the films “The Devil Wears Prada” ( by David Frankel. 2006 ) and “Up in the air” ( by Jason Reitman. 2009 ) will be used for elaborate account and illustrations of different concern constructions and civilization and how they affect the concern itself and the people who work in it. . while an exact comparing will be made during the account.

Company One The Devil Wears Prada portrays a typical illustration of a company named Runway. which maps on the footing of an Adhocracy. This type of concern construction portrays a company. which functions through a support staff and pattern selective decentalisation ( wwwpraguecollege. cz. 2012 ; full nexus in References ) . This in the sense of company civilization can be linked to Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory where the company “Runway” is really high distance power ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Andrewss. edu. no day of the month ; full nexus in References ) . In definition this means that there is a big power distance between the employer and the employees. Miranda Priestly. who is the caput of the company is treated with much regard and uses her power to command and take the company. which can be seen in the film during the scene where terror is laid out through the company due to her reaching ( moviemomentsAUS. 2012 ) . This is a clear illustration of how the company functions through support staff. while merely a limited sum of people have a limited sum of power such as Nigel. who gets to do determinations on a low degree. while still seeking to delight the Boss. Miranda.

Another facet. which is extremely portrayed in the film. is organisational socialisation where Andy. who is the “newcomer” is really much put to the trial of endurance. The company maps in a manner of fright and limited credence. which once more puts an emphasize on the high distance civilization within the company ( ScenesMustafaFavs. 2011 ) . In the phase of prevenient socialisation Andy goes through the phases of pragmatism and congruity. where her position and outlooks of the occupation do non fit the state of affairs she really is put in. This creates a confusion and dissatisfaction because in the phase of brush. she feels that the occupation demands are excessively much for her to manage. and that she does non have appropriate satisfaction and acknowledgment for what she does.

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During the acquisition and alteration. Andy goes through a major alteration of positions and eventually adapts to the company civilization and construction by accepting the thoughts and mission of the company. In decision. Runway presents a really structured company which has a high distance civilization within it and works by holding really limited decentalisation. It is a company that manages to be successful by holding one-man regulation and by implementing regard and fright into the company civilization. Andy had premises that her function in the company and public presentation will be much easier. She needed a batch of clip of accommodation and recognizing that manner is non a gag and easy occupation. which she saw in her work. Everybody was against her because she thought that she is more valuable than this occupation.

Company Two The film “Up In The Air” portrays a company that specializes in holding a certain sum of qualified persons who master the hard undertaking of firing people. In contrast to the company “Runway” the company in the film “Up In The Air” works as a Professional bureaucratism. This company has a big figure of decentralised perpendicular and horizontal staff ( wwwpraguecollege. cz. 2012 ; full nexus in References ) . On the contrary to “Runway” the company civilization in the film “Up In The Air” is really low power distance harmonizing to Hofstede. It is a really relaxed and unfastened company civilization. where employees get the opportunity to lend and speak to their Boss in order to better the company.

The chief focal point and challenge in this company presents the attempted alteration of civilization due to the possible cost decrease on the base of engineering. The chief character in the film. and one of the employees who is really skilled and has a high degree of power is really immune to the alteration. which has been proposed by the new comer in the company named Natalie. In contrast to “The Devil Wears Prada” . Natalie is accepted into the squad really easy and fits into the company civilization absolutely. Natalie matched with companies thoughts. values and premises because she as a new worker with new thought of working was accepted really good from side of the foreman. But because in the company were low power distance one of the worker was against thought that Natalie gave to his foreman and since is rather hard to alter a company civilization there was rebellion. Therefore. she had to set to the companies civilization that it had and at the terminal her values and premises had changed from the manner she was anticipating.

Decision In decision. there are many types of different companies in the universe. Some of them are low distance power some of them are high distance power. which we can see. in these old two illustrations. In the first illustration of the company “Runway” had “PUSH” consequence on the Andy to better and understand value of the company and at the terminal positively consequence on the concern public presentation. In the 2nd illustration of the company where Natalie had to accommodate and larn values of the company. which at the terminal besides had positive consequence on concern public presentation. because she could show her abilities freely.


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