Orangic Milk or Regular Milk Essay

Is organic milk truly that better for you? That was what I was believing when we were discoursing that in wellness category. Coach Deyo gave good thoughts. but I still had my uncertainties. Because people have been imbibing regular milk a long clip and no 1 has died from it or didn’t acquire adequate foods from it. So. why do people state organic milk is better for you. I was looking at a web site called Men’s Health. It gives a few thoughts about organic milk and regular milk. One thing said on the web site made me believe. why waste the money on organic milk if it doesn’t give you the effects you desire.

“There are differences between organic and conventional milk production. but they may non hold the effects consumers expect. says Thomas Overton. Ph. D. . associate professor of carnal scientific discipline at Cornell University. ” After I read this I was believing possibly it’s all in the consumers mind that organic is better for them. Possibly that’s what the organic milk farms want them to believe. The web site besides states that you get the same material from organic milk in regular milk.

“For one thing. it’s non any healthier. “An eight-ounce helping of regular milk offers the same nine indispensable nutrients—including Ca. vitamin D. and potassium—as a glass of organic milk. ” Mangieri says. ” So. people that say they drink organic milk because it’s healthier for you are non right. it’s fundamentally the same type of milk merely the cattles are feed otherwise. This is what I read that gave me that thought that the organic dairy cattles are merely fed otherwise than the regular milk cattles.

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“Are fed merely organic grains. free of man-made fertilisers and pesticides ; acquire at least 30 per centum of their provender from grazing land ; aren’t treated with antibiotics. or with bovid growing endocrine to increase milk production. ” The web site was speaking about how organic dairy farms feed and treat their cattles. In my sentiment. that’s a good thing that they are being fed organic grains and non treated with growing endocrines. But. why does it count if it’s traveling to be the same sort of foods. Besides I read in the web site that both types of dairy farms have to travel through a trial for antibiotic residue.

“There’s besides no differentiation in footings of unwanted ingredients. All organic and conventional milk is tested for antibiotic residue. and any milk that contains it is removed from the nutrient supply. ” In decision I think it’s all up to the consumer. If the consumer wants healthier milk for him or her. you could make up one’s mind between both milks. If the consumer wants milk from a cow that’s Federal and treated right so they should make up one’s mind to acquire organic milk. But for me if I drank milk. I would make up one’s mind to pick the 1 that gives you the foods you need and non interrupt my billfold.


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