Orang Asli Essay

Orange Assail are the indigenous people of Malaysia. The term ‘Orange As”‘, is a Malay term, which translates to ‘First people’ or ‘Original People’. Currently, there is a population of around 149 500, 60 percent living in the forest and 40 percent living around the coast. However, Orange Assail are not one huge group of people – they are 18 types of tribes that are categorized into three main groups, according to their customs and religion: Session, Proto Malay and Negotiator.

These groups are said to have a historical link with people from Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Thailand. Each group has their own language and lifestyle, and has a different appearance from others. However, there are semi-nomadic Orange Assail, who choose to live in urban area, while earning wages from Jobs. The Negotiators are said to come from Papua New Guiana or East Africa, because of their frizzy hair and dark skin. They live in the Jungle in North and North East of the

Malaysian Peninsular, with a population of about 2000 people. Being known as one of the earliest inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula, they live in much more primitive settlements than the other groups of Orange Assail. The Session group of Orange Assail which are hunter gatherers and live around the Cameron Highlands, a large hill station around the size of Singapore. They have a total population of 60,000 and are believed to have come from the hills in South Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia around 6000 – 8000 years ago.

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For the Session that live in the highlands, they work as Jobholders working on the highland tea estates. However, not all Session pick to live in the highlands. Others travel to places like Koala Lump, where you can see them wearing modern clothes such as Shares and a T- shirt. There many work as taxi drivers or government employees. The Proto Malay is a group of Orange Assail that used to be Seafarers, traveling long distances between Madagascar and New Zealand. They were Mongolia and

Stationeries speaking people from mainland Asia that settled down in the Peninsular of Malaysia in a long series of migrations from 2500 and 1500 BC. The Proto Malay served as navigation guides and crew and labor to the Arab, Persian, Chinese and Indian traders for nearly 4000 years, before establishing themselves and coming in contact with Orange Assail tribes. These people are very similar to the Malay in their customs and culture. Their villages are mainly situated near or sub- town area.


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