Options for implementing a leadership change Essay

Gene One is a biotech company that has seen steady growing since come ining the biotech industry in 1996. It was founded by the late Don Ruiz and four other managers.

During the last eight old ages. Gene One has grown to go a $ 400 million dollar company. Gene One wants to go on this growing. and has decided to derive extra growing and financess by publishing an Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) . This is in order to stay competitory in the market. since it needs more capital for new development. advertizement. and selling if it is to stay successful.

In order for the IPO to be successful. Gene One needs a solid foundation to construct upon. Gene One can take an in-depth expression at cardinal constructs such as effectual teamwork through cooperation. trust. and coherence. beginnings of struggle in organisations. knowledge direction. elements of organisational construction. and measure the influence of organisational construction on power and political relations ( Scenario. 2006 ) .

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Gene One is a turning company with many chances for farther growing in the hereafter. With this alteration. Gene One needs to revaluate all countries of the company and happen solutions to jobs within the organisation. The company has many chances for alterations. which will enable them to make the ends needed. The key undertaking is to happen the best solution that will enable Gene One to make their ends. and go better than its rivals. It will necessitate to reexamine the solutions that they have come up with. and the extra alternate solutions that have non even been reviewed ( Holmstrom. 1994 ) .

Team analysis

After the decease of Don Ruiz. there is a large leading spread left in the direction of Gene One. The squad is hence uncomplete without him. which is unwanted for effectual direction.

Team edifice is both disputing and honoring. Effective squads achieve consequences far beyond what persons could carry through on their ain. However. squad edifice is much more than seting a group of people together and trusting for the best.

Teambuilding is an art that overcomes differences in manner. personality. and other possible countries of struggle. but even when a squad maps in entire harmoniousness. it may non accomplish its ends ( Brickley. 1987 ) .

As Don’s siblings. we have found ourselves holding to take portion in leading at Gene One. Each household member was assigned one member of the staying four members of the executive. In order to measure the staying team’s likeliness of success. I gathered information about one squad member and did an analysis on it. During my analysis. I found my capable to hold the following desirable properties:

– He can take charge. is self-asserting and can take control of a state of affairs.

– He is surpassing. people-oriented and extroverted

– He is concerned with truth. inside informations and exactitude

– He is competitory. has a great desire to win and is aggressive

– He is easy traveling and insouciant. and takes things as they come

– He likes placing and analysing jobs

– He is concerned with timely consequences and is speedy to take action

– He is good squad participant who works good with others

– he is concerned with criterions and high quality work

Attributes non good represented

Despite all the good properties. I found my capable with a few negative properties. They include:

– he has a negative attitude sing people and results

– He is extremely emotional and easy loses his pique

– He gets impatient with the low-level staff


With a few alterations to the leading construction of Gene One. I recommend my topic for a farther function in direction of Gene One. His properties are impressive and can maneuver the company to great highs. However. he should assist take the company through a passage to usher in a construction that separates ownership from direction.

Leadership manner

Gene One needs to develop a leading manner that involves the leader including one or more employees in the determination devising procedure. However. the leader maintains the concluding determination doing authorization. Using this manner is non a mark of failing ; instead it is a mark of strength that your employees will esteem. This is usually used when you have portion of the information. and your employees have other parts. Note that a leader is non expected to cognize everything-this is why you employ knowing and adept employees. Using this manner is of common benefit it allows them to go portion of the squad and allows you to do better determinations ( Tannenbaum & A ; Schmidt. 1958 ) .

Leadership construction

The leading construction at Gene One should alter such that the rubrics of CEO and president of the board are separate entities. This will assist divide direction from leading. This is the best leading construction for big corporations or others trusting to come in that conference.

Most big corporations are non managed by their proprietors or stockholders. Alternatively. they are managed by a leader-CEO or President- and a squad of officers. The CEO or president is normally a professional trained in a peculiar field with the necessary experience. The CEO is accountable to the shareholders through their elected representative. the board of managers. Gene One should non hold a double CEO where the CEO maps at the same time as the chair of the board. A non-dual CEO would be the best option for Gene One. Research has shown that CEO dichotomy threatens Board independency. and can gnaw the indispensable inadvertence duties of the Board ( Daily and Dalton. 1994 ) .

Negative leading should be avoided at all costs. Negative leaders act tyrannizing and superior with people. They believe the lone manner to acquire things done is through punishments. such as loss of occupation. yearss off without wage. censure employees in forepart of others. etc. They believe their authorization is increased by scaring everyone into higher lever of productiveness. Yet what ever happens when this attack is used wrongly is that morale falls ; which of class leads to take down productiveness.


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