Opinion on E-Tolls Essay

A democracy is a authorities by the people and when the people are non being led. but they are being forced. so there are many inquiries about the democratic authorities that need to be beging and come backing. The e-Toll system is an electronic tolling system that does non necessitate automobilists to halt in order for them to be billed. merely as an ordinary toll booth. This system is being imposed on to the automobilists of Gauteng and is being masked as a method of raising financess for the development of Gauteng roads and finally. South African roads. The imposing of this system is wholly out of the range of a democracy ; it is a immense waste of revenue enhancement payers’ money and should be wholly abolished by the South African authorities.

Several e-tolls are found on assorted main roads in Gauteng and how they work is one time you drive under them. it scans your e-tag and license home bases ( at the forepart and back ) . takes an aerial position of your auto. measures the size of it ( in order to cognize how much to measure you ) . finds who’s registered to the vehicle and so they are billed electronically. Equally fancy as it sounds. vehicle users in Gauteng are on the threshold of daylight robbery with the new e-toll system that is about to be imposed on them by SANRAL ( South African Road Agency Ltd. ) . and if nil is done. the state will happen itself being dragged by the cervix in a alleged democracy.

The first issue that comes into drama with the e-toll system is the fiscal issue of e-tolls. SANRAL accumulated a debt in surplus of 20 billion rands over the past few old ages with the redevelopments of the Gauteng main roads. The authorities believes that this debt can be covered over several old ages by implementing the user-pay rule which is merely: route users paying to be on the roads. Two issues sprout from this. The first. OUTA has done some computations on the entire cost of refunding the debt over those 20 old ages and alternatively of the 20 billion rand owed. you find that with the e-toll. Gauteng automobilists will be paying. an surplus of 75 billion rands. The authorities is yet to explicate why they are bear downing users a whole batch more than what they need to be refunding. This is a immense waste of revenue enhancement payers’ money as there are already fuel levies being paid to assist help the building of South African roads. The 2nd. Austrian company Kapsch. will be roll uping a sum of 665 million rand yearly for the following 8 old ages. giving a feeling of private
investors thriving instead than the benefit of the people.

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Government argues that this big income of money from e-Tolls will profit the working and the hapless category because they will non hold to pay and they get the confidence of safer roads without holding to pay. This all seems good but what authorities forgot to reference is the fact that with the addition in route use. there will decidedly be an addition in the cost of life. Trucking companies that deliver the inexpensive goods to local supermarket will increase their monetary value of operation which will increase the monetary value of goods which will certainly impact their pockets. This does non merely restrict itself to the bringing of goods. E-tolls do non hold every bit many benefits as foremost anticipated because the money spent is for the roads and you find that public conveyance in South Africa is still in a shocking province and many users will still acquire in vehicles that are non road-worthy and that will non profit them even if the roads are better.

South African. particularly Gauteng. route users already have a large issue with the payment of traffic mulcts. The e-toll system will happen that people will neglect to pay their measures as in the instance of Portugal. A state every bit developed as Portugal had a sum of 19 % of users neglecting to pay their fees and that saw more than a double-increase in the costs of disposal in the short infinite of a twelvemonth. South Africa. as a underdeveloped state. will hold themselves a big smattering of people who will non pay for their fees. The authorities will hold themselves excessively much to cover with and will set the load on the shoulders of the route users once more and the rhythm will non stop.


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