Operating Systems and Software Applications Essay

ETC utilizes Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office paving the employees access from a ETC location or by a virtual private network (VPN) setup by the employee. Employees also have access to web based email that can be accessed via the internet anywhere in the World. In today’s business environment, technology is continually changing and improving. Operating systems and applications are used within companies worldwide to gather, disseminate, and control the flow of information.

The application software can range from general covering a broad spectrum of information to addressing very specific information, enabling an organization to meet objectives. Reaching Company Objectives Both the operating system and software applications improve the organizations ability to operate in an efficient and effective manner. There are four operating systems which include: Windows, Mac SO, Unix, and Linux. Operating systems handle data that is received, processed, saved, and backed up through application software. According to Kerosene (2012), “for business users, the most important operating system is Microsoft Windows.

Some version of Windows resides on more than 85 percent of the world’s desktops and considering Just business users, the figure is more than 95 percent” (p. 0). The Mac SO operating systems are primarily used by artists and workers in the arts community. Whereas Unix is used more so in the scientific and engineering communities. Linux is an operating system developed by an open source community (Kerosene, 2012). These operating systems are designed to enhance organizational efficiency in order to manage all types of information. Kerosene (2012) stated, “Application software performs a service or function.

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Some application programs are general purpose, such as Microsoft Excel or Word. Other application programs provide specific functions” (p. 83). For example a horizontal-market application proved common capabilities for all organizations, such as word processors, spreadsheets and presentation programs. A vertical-market application is created for a specific industry and their processing requirements. One of-a kind applications are designed for specific and unique needs of an organization. Application software is designed to handle specific information processing which enhance the organizations effectiveness.

For example a cable company will use a specific application to process all customer issues. This application will identify the Without this type of application software tracking system the customers may not get assistance, which would be detrimental for the cable company consumer satisfaction and reputation. In order for ETC to reach their organizational objectives they must use servers to store customer and technology data. Employees are trained to use applications to convert data and information to understandable reports quickly. ETC Company uses ICONS, a billing system service developed by an outside agency named Converges Corporation. COMAS uses ETC customer information to help sales preventatives effectively solicit services and maintain current customer services. A monitoring program, Unified, was developed by ETC specifically to track cable, internet, and phone issues at the customer’s location; including private residences and businesses. The objective is to minimize customer impact and to resolve customer issues within 60 minutes of notice. Functions of Hardware and Software Hardware includes electronic components that input, output, process, and store data based on the instructions encoded in the computer programs or software (Kerosene, 2012).

ETC uses several input, output, and storage hardware for specific purposes to serve their customer more effectively. Examples of input, output, and storage hardware and their uses in ETC is described in Appendix A. Conclusion Business information systems is an integral part of Time Warner Cable Company’s everyday practices. Without a sufficient working information system, businesses World-wide would not be able to compete in the business. To remain a leader among cable companies, ETC needs to continue to stay at the cutting edge of Microsoft’s software for business and use an up to date operating system.


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