ontrast Three Works of Da Vinci with Three of Michelangelo Sample Essay

Two people can see the same event and so when they speak on it or make a image their heads someway come up with different point of positions. I am traveling to speak to you about the plants of both da Vinci and Michelangelo. Leonardo district attorney Vinci was born in 1452 in Vinci. Tuscany. during a clip called the Renaissance. Leonardo Da Vinci is known as “the Renaissance man” because of his accomplishments in art. innovation. military technology. and scientific discipline ( Gelb 40 ) . In Leonardo’s Last Supper. you can see that Christ is in the in-between slightly stray from the adherents with his custodies making out. In this picture. the aura is being represented as a diffused visible radiation. The adherents are in groups of three looking at each other as though they are seeking to calculate out which one of them is be aftering to bewray Jesus. In contrast to lifelike responses of the intelligence ; Jesus is quiet but the visible radiation of the landscape environing him stress his agony ( 167-168 ) .

Da Vinci’s celebrated painting “Mona Lisa” is known for its lifelike qualities. She has a delicate smiling of flawlessness. slumberous eyes. unagitated custodies. and the absence of facial hair adds to cryptic abstract quality of her face. “Mona Lisa’s good calculated composing and more significantly her puzzling smiling has led to its broad reproduction ( Potter 1308-1309 ) . Leonardo had assorted oil and poster paint. using much of it a secco ( to dried. instead than wet. plaster ) in order to make a mural that more closely approximated oil painting on canvas or wood alternatively of fresco. ” ( Kleiner. 2010 ) .

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