Online E-Learning System Sample Essay

I. Introduction

2. 1 Background of the Problem

Nowadays the usage of computing machines is intensely lifting and today it is the fastest turning industry in our economic system. There are no age limits before utilizing it. every bit long as you know how. We ever encounter different computing machine plans. finely emended exposures and pictures that we enjoy to look up. But behind of all these computing machine consequence or end product. make you cognize how it all happened? How a simple image turned to a beautiful image?

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Computer Assisted Instruction is now stylish. popular in many countries of educational acquisition and it will assist a batch of people particularly the pupils to happen out what is buttocks of this full computing machine result. This manner of acquisition has been implemented in different countries of the universe particularly in states that are in the phase of modernisation like the Philippines. This sort of system is really convenient because it is really efficient in footings of clip. energy and money. This type of system will be a great advantage and can assist you a batch in many things chiefly in machine-controlled instruction or instructing. Presented with these inside informations. the advocates mean to suggest to develop a Computer Assisted Instruction to involvement the college pupils of STI Sta. Maria and supply them an Online Computer Assisted Instruction System to assist them in their survey and other things that they need to cognize in the field on Information Technology.

1. 2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology
The Computer Society of STI Sta. Maria is be aftering to execute some Tutorials on some Computer related subjects. Some tutorials will be repeated for the benefit of the pupils that have category on the clip when a certain session of tutorial was held. The procedure of reiterating the tutorial for the interest of other pupils takes a batch of attempt for those who will ease the tutorial idea reiterating all that was demonstrated in the old session. it will take once more clip and energy. In one session it can merely ease 30-40 pupils. but the school has about 1. 000 of IT pupils that need the information’s on the tutorial. If all one thousand pupils like to go to the tutorial so the tutorial demands to divide it to more or less 25 Sessionss that has similar contents. Imagine the attempts that will be needed in the perennial session when we can show other subjects on other Sessionss.

The tutorial will necessitate a vacant room agenda. a facilitator and a system unit. a set of these demands will merely be used to ease a session consisting of a section-like figure of people. If a tutorial session last an hr. a twenty-four hours will be needed to finish a individual subject tutorial to all subdivisions. conceive of all the difficult work needed in merely to show a individual subject. The job here bounds to the demand of repeat of a tutorial and this repeat has to be solved.

1. 3 Project Rationale
The STI-CSMB Computer Society Online Computer Assisted Instruction System is designed to extinguish the demand of repeated tutorial session. The CAI system will be really good to pupils who want to reexamine the tutorial and listen to it once more in any topographic point that has internet connexion and a computing machine unit any clip. This system besides benefits the facilitator because he will non necessitate to reiterate once more the tutorial for others. The system will besides be the storage for the tutorials that the Computer Society will execute. The system is non merely for sing intent. it will besides demo an rating test or a quiz for you to measure yourself. The system will extinguish the repeat job every bit good as the jobs that will happen in the tutorials like unheard inside informations and other students’ troubles. II. Undertaking Description

2. 1 Problem Statement
General Problem
How to develop an online computing machine assisted direction system that will catch the involvement of the pupils of STI Sta. Maria when it comes to computing machine related subjects in order to extinguish the repeat of tutorial session that the Computer Society conducted. Specific Problem

* How does the advocate design a web site that will catch the involvement of the pupils with a user-friendly environment utilizing different tools. Students are of different age. degree of understanding and knowledge about voyaging a website utilizing different design and lay-outing package the advocates extinguish all the confusing factors of the website design that makes the user confused and avoid misconstruing about a tutorial uploaded in the web site.

* How to develop a web page that can supply tutorial picture from Computer Society’s Project. It is one of the major jobs when the accomplishments of the pupils do non fit the demand of the tutorial. The tutorial that makes certain that it provides full information that are needed in the subject. * How does the advocate concept a faculty which can bring forth studies path and expose all of the requested tutorials. The advocates learn that everyday they can have petition from the pupils and other visitants. The system must bring forth studies to be passed to the Computer Society for the analysis of petition. * How does the advocate design a faculty that will firmly hive away the tutorial picture and prevent doomed of informations. The uploaded tutorials are prone to informations loss for they are uploaded in a waiter that we can non entree tangibly. The advocates must plan a faculty that will maintain a back-up of all the uploaded information. 2. 2 Proposed Research Project

2. 2. 1 General Aims
To develop an Online Computer Assisted Instruction that will assist the pupils to larn more in their different several Computer Topics. 2. 2. 2 Specific Aims
* To plan a web site that will catch the involvement of the pupils with a user-friendly environment utilizing different tools. Using Adobe Photoshop CS4 the advocates can develop the layout of the web site ; the layout must be corporate since it is a school web site with the usage of Adobe Dreamweaver the layout will be edited and the advocates can supply an easy and user-friendly environment that can accommodate to different types of pupils. * To develop a web page that will supervise the position of requested tutorials. The pupils have the ability to bespeak a subject. The advocates must be able to post the most often requested tutorials. The pupils can besides see other petition if it is granted or non. * To make a web site that will post tutorial picture from Computer Society’s Project. The web site will supply tutorial pictures that contain information that an IT pupil needs. Tutorials must be helpful and apprehensible for the pupils understanding. * To plan a web site that will firmly hive away the tutorial picture and prevent doomed of informations. The uploaded information must be secured and must hold a back-up when there is an update in the web site. Any update must be documented or listed. The web site must besides be secured from any injury brought by cyberspace viruses or hackers.


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