Omar When he was twenty-six, he served

                Omar Khayyam is a Persian mathematician,
poet, and astronomer. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica he was born on May 18,1048
in Nishapur, modern day Iran. As he grew up he was educated in science and
mathematics. He was educated by Sheikh Mohammad Mansuri. When he was
twenty-six, he served as a counselor for the Sultan Malik Shaw. When the Sultan
was murdered Khayyam was no longer needed as counselor and he went on a
pilgrimage to Mecca (Famous Mathematicians).

While serving in
the Sultan’s court, his early education helped him create a new calendar from
his studies in astronomy. Instead of the traditional Gregorian calendar of the
time, he came up with the Jalali calendar which made 8 of every 33 years a leap
year. Malik-Sh?h put this calendar into use in 1075. (Encyclopædia

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is also known for being the first mathematician to finding any type of cubic
having a positive root. He did this by using a pair intersecting conic sections
and drawing parabolas and semicircles. Using the equations for those to help
him come up with his results. It is thought Fibonacci may have seen Khayyam’s
work during his travels and using it in his estimate of a cubic root (Burton).

wrote a famous work, ‘Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra’, which
helped explain the basic principles of algebra. The ideas in this writing
eventually made it over to Europe. This helped Pascal when he worked on his
famous triangular array, known today as Pascals Triangle (Famous Mathematicians).

only did he make history as a mathematician and astronomer, he was also a poet.
He wrote in the quatrain style. His poems were little known until they were
translated by Edward Fitzgerald in 1859 (Famous Mathematicians). According to Encyclopædia
Britannica some scholars believe that Khayyam did not really write the poetry
he is acclaimed to have written.

if it is not believed that Omar Khayyam was a poet, he was a great mathematician
and astronomer, making several contributions to the mathematical world.




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