Old Big Red Essay

When I look out the window and say out loud with a boasting voice “there is Old Big Red”, most folks will not know what am talking about Hearing what I just said, my youngest granddaughter, Jenifer, asks grandpa, “Who is Old Big Red? ” With a big smile quickly growing across my face, I tell her that Old Big Red is not a who, but Old Big Red is a what. Say to her, come on over here and sit on my knee “let me tell you about Old Big Red. ” I want you to know that Old Big Red is a passion of mine. Do you know,” I can take an older used pickup truck that is currently not functioning, that actually looks like something would find in a the scrap yard rusting away, and make something very useful out of the next vehicle I will possibly be driving. I tow it to my garage and I can grab some my tools to fix it up. I have the ability to transform rusting junkyard scrap into something that can call my dream of a Big Boy’s Toy. What I am talking about is my 1 998 Dodge Ram 1 500 Sport extended cab ADD (four-wheel-drive) pickup truck.

My eyes get wider as I tell her, “the body gleams and glows with fire engine red paint applied in layers buffed to a reliant shine that when the sun reflects off of it you almost need sunglasses! ” On the inside of Old Big Red there are plush accommodations of a light gray full premium leather wrap on the seats, door panels, and steering wheel which feels so smooth to me when my hands are moving across each part of it. The leather smells so good because of the treatment applied to it to keep it soft and supple. The dash is all vinyl that is made to look like same premium leather.

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Old Big Red is outfitted with a full set of gauges that tell me the speed, RPM, oil pressure, water temperature, battery charging, and level f fuel in the big tank. There is plush dark gray carpet all across the entire floor. Laying on top of this carpet are thick rubber floor mats to keep the dirt off of it. There is a back seat that is not as large as in a car because it is only an extended cab. Can fold up this seat to have more space to haul anything want. Right now there are a lot of my tools filling up this space. When the ignition starts, instantly the 383 c. . (cubic inch) stroke engine fires up with a loud roar of exhaust coming out the headers coupled to true al exhaust pipes mounted from the engine to the rear step bumper. This smell of this exhaust fumes are intoxicating to some people. My body can feel the sensations of the powerful engine. My hands are sinking into the leather on the steering wheel and my right foot is firmly planted on the accelerator pedal sensing the need to revert engine. My eyes are moving back and forth across the dash watching the gauges come to life.

This display of information from the engine sensors is what I need to know that all the engine functions are working K. At the same time my eyes are telling my brain that I am taking in all the beauty of this truck, my ears are sending a different message for my brain to process, for there is loud country music coming from four different directions at once. This is because of the in dash AM/FM CD quad speaker stereo blasting the latest country hits from the local station WAC 99. 3 FM. The enhancements have installed on this performance built engine are to increase HP (horse power) and efficiency.

I started with a 318 c. I. Block bored out to . 060 over and installed a 360 c. I. Engines crankshaft. I then added a CIA (cold air intake), a TAB (throttle body intake) spacer, complete upgraded fuel injection, an MS (multi – spark discharge) MASCARA ignition system, and special spark plugs. Then I removed the catalytic convectors and installed headers with straight pipes to have a true open dual exhaust system. To keep this high performance engine temperatures down to a good operating range, needed to install an alcohol and H. H. O. (hydrogen, hydrogen, oxygen) hydrometer injection system.

To be able to handle this 525 HP engine, Old Big Red has a HAD (heavy duty) lilt LEE transmission with transfer case mounted to the rear of the engine. This HAD combination transfers power to the front and rear derivative’s to the HAD built front and rear differentials. By adding air lockers to both differentials this power continues through each splinted hardened axle shaft that has mounted to them each of the four wheels. The heavily polished chrome rims shine bright with the huge xx. Xx inch dark black Muddier tires sporting large Several lugs to bite into any terrain.

These HAD specialized rennet lug tires need extra clearance to fit properly on all four axles of Old Big Red. To allow these tires to fit, I have installed an eight inch suspension and four inch body lift kits. This combination lifts the body a total of 12 inches, so when looking at Old Big Red it stands off the ground almost like a monster truck. To keep from bouncing around so much on uneven terrain, custom engineered air shocks are installed on all four corners above the differentials. Conifer’s has a confusing look on her face as she is trying to comprehend with her young mind all these descriptions of Old Big Red.

The next thing I know am asking Jenifer, “Do you want to go on a great adventure with a ride in Old Big Red? ‘ Her response is a big shout of glee as her eyes then light up wide and without delay she’s running out the back door of our house with grandpa trying to catch up right behind her. “Zoom-Flash,” I say as across the yard we run towards Old Big Red. While at the same time, I am thinking back to when I was a young boy running out the back door to a new adventure. Although Jenifer is ready to continue on this big adventure, she is walking around looking up at this shiny monster of truck wondering to herself?

How am I going to climb into this very tall truck when my legs are so short? ” As I walk around to the passenger door, I call to Jenifer, “Jenifer, come climb into your seat! ” She comes running from around the back Of Old Big Red. I see that her eyes are wide open looking up at this large shiny truck. Then Jenifer says to me, “Grandpa, How in the world am I going to climb into this giant truck? ‘ My answer back to her is “As tall as this truck stands, I am going to have to help lift you up and help you into the passenger seat. ” I then lift her up gently tossing her into the seat.

As quick as I can, I run around to the driver’s side, grab the door handle flinging the door open while I am jumping up into the drivers seat. “Let us fasten our stables,” I say to her and at the same time pure joy radiates from my entire body whenever get a chance to take Old Big Red out to the country to get some mud on the tires. Looking at my granddaughter, Jenifer, I can see an excitement radiate from her face and I can only imagine all the thoughts going through her mind right now this eve moment as she is thinking about this most wonderful adventure that is set before her.


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