Odysseus Essay

In the verse form. The Odyssey. by Homer. 3 strong character traits of Odysseus. the chief character. are demonstrated. Homer makes all of these traits really clear. they can be qualified as good or bad traits. Homer displays these traits invariably but in different ways. In other words. his failing hurt him but his speedy thought would assist him. Odysseus’ chesty attitude could either be considered a good trait or a bad trait. Odysseus. the chief character of The Odyssey by Homer demonstrates weak leading. speedy thought. and an chesty attitude throughout his journey.

Throughout The Odyssey. Odysseus frequently shows a really weak side of himself. Not physically weak but emotionally weak. therefore Odysseus is ever caught in the corner crying. Calypso was the first to acknowledge “Off he sat off a promontory crying at that place as always” ( Homer 155 ) which shows he is over dramatic sing the fact that Calypso says he is crying. as ever. Since this is a normal thing for Odysseus. another illustration of this is when he “buried his fine-looking face. ashamed his hosts might see him casting tears” ( Homer 195 ) .

Not merely is Odysseus frequently caught in the corner shouting but he ever seems ashamed of himself. He knows when he shows marks of failing and he doesn’t desire his work forces to believe of him as anything less than the powerful adult male he is. Another character trait Odysseus demonstrates throughout the narrative is his ability to respond rapidly in tough state of affairss. On page 317 the work forces are fighting to remain warm.

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They admit that the cold will make them in. But as for Odysseus. he has a program. a idea flashed in his head ; no 1 can touch a adult male at secret plans or battle–Odysseus had a plan” ( Homer 317 ) . Odysseus ever has a program. a speedy program because he is a quicker mind. Later in the book when Odysseus distracts his people while he hides the slaughters of the suers. He rapidly realizes he can hold his folk singer play his music while Telemachus drags the suers outdoors. Because of Odysseus’ ability to respond rapidly to his many obstructions he is ever able to acquire himself out of the gluey state of affairss he is dragged into.

If it wasn’t for this trait. he most likely wouldn’t have made it half every bit far as he did. Odysseus was ever really confident of himself in each job he came across. So confident that I would see him to be conceited. Some of the things he thought of himself were really true but others were what he thought to be true. Odysseus himself admits. “my marbless maintain weaving- weaving cunning schemes” ( Homer 224 ) . Yes. Odysseus is a really cute individual but he besides isn’t afraid to acknowledge it. which is where his bumptiousness came into drama.

Another one of the many illustrations is when he is so confident he could win the challenge against Phaecia’s best. Odysseus is disputing the Phaecians to “go lucifer that. you immature whelps. and straightaway– I’ll cast you another merely as far. I swear. or even father” ( Homer 198 ) which is really confident of him. . They aren’t merely any of the Phaecian’s but they are the best. It isn’t needfully a bad thing he is so confident because it shows that he is courageous and willing. but sometimes it can come off as him being excessively cocky which irks his work forces and makes it hard to acquire along.

During The Odyssey. Homer portrays Odysseus to be dramatic. chesty. and a speedy mind. He is such a strong leader but he ever brings out the worst in himself but he decidedly knows what to make in every state of affairs sing he makes it place safely. Although he came across many life endangering obstructions throughout his journey place. his speedy thought frequently helps but his chesty attitude sometimes ruins things for him.


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