Objectivity in what would jesus do Essay

Objectivity is an approach of being fair and neutral toward information received in an precise and reliable and our emotions or personal beliefs don’t influence our judgments. Adam Groping stays true to objectivity in his article “What Did Jesus Do? ” Objectivity is an approach of being fair and neutral toward our writing. In which our emotions or personal beliefs doesn’t influence our Judgment. Even though Groping is Christian, he retains neutral on the main idea that is whether Jesus is a nice or a astray person.

In “What did Jesus do” article Adam Groping, tries to tie the gaps between the gospels. In this article many authors are mentioned and cited some praise or even criticize on how actually Jesus was based on the information written in gospel. Groping writes from both side of the story in his article and he doesn’t express his thoughts or opinion into his writing. He exploits the contradictory facts between the gospels and makes us think which side is correct.

For instance, Groping rites “the more one knows, the less one knows…. The Greek word token, long taken to mean carpenter, could mean something closer to a stone worker or a day laborer. ” And there is a big difference if Jesus was a carpenter or a laborer, carrying stone for construction. Groping doesn’t hesitate to make us question the gospel. In his text which quotes the American scholar Bart Airman saying”…

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Gospels were written decades after Jesus’ death; that all were written in Greek, which Jesus and the pestles didn’t speak and couldn’t write (if they could read and write at all); and that they were written as testaments of faith, not chronicles of biography, shaped to fit a prophecy rather than report a profile. ” Some might argue that each gospel is supposed to tell us a different story of Jesus, however if there is a need of explanation in need Just to tie all the gospels together is a sign that there is a information missing and they need to fill the gap by connecting the stories.


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