ob Analysis – Telephone Customer Service Representative Sample Essay

Job analysis is a construct used to develop a comprehensive description of a place that includes the occupation duties and undertakings performed. the tools utilized to execute those responsibilities and the job’s environment and working conditions. The information gathered can so be used to find the cognition. accomplishments and abilities necessary to efficaciously transport out those activities ( Dessler. 2005 ) . It is besides AIDSs in placing specific features. personality traits and behaviours that have a important impact on successfully carry throughing the occupation demands.

Job Analysis Method

The success of a Telephone Customer Service Representative is mostly dependent upon the employee possessing many intangible qualities. For this ground. the development of a choice procedure for this place must get down with a occupation analysis method that non merely examines the proficient accomplishments and cognition facet of the occupation. but besides puts a focal point on employee behaviours. The information collected through the usage of the critical incidents method of occupation analysis represents primary illustrations of on-the-job behaviour ( State of Colorado. 2002 ) and undertakings. Analyzing cases of outstanding work quality every bit good as happenings of unequal public presentation will assist to nail which undertakings are important to satisfactory occupation public presentation. and which are non ( HR-Guide. com. 2001 ) .

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Job Description

Summary. The Telephone Customer Service Representative will describe to the Customer Service Manager and is responsible for interacting with clients via telephone to supply information in response to enquiries about merchandises and services and to manage and decide ailments ( O*Net Online. 2004 ) . In add-on. this place is responsible for placing client demands and urging the appropriate merchandise or service and beging new gross revenues chances ( O*Net Online. 2004 ) .

Primary Responsibilities. The primary duties of the Telephone Customer Service Representative are as follows:

-Answer incoming telephone calls from phone waiting line

-Order entry and processing

-Account creative activity and care

-Resolve merchandise and/or service ailments

-Handle charge inquiries and ailments

-Collect and procedure payments and sedimentations

-Redirect unsolved history. product/service or charge ailments to the appropriate sections

-Identify client demands and urge solutions

-Initiate contact with possible clients to beg new gross revenues

Decision-Making Authority. The Telephone Customer Service Representative is authorized to utilize logic and judgement to analyse information and evaluate consequences in order to take the best solutions and work out jobs ( O*Net Online. 2004 ) . The employee keeping this place is besides authorized to measure ailments and issues and take the appropriate preventive steps to avoid future similar complications.

Job Specifications

-At least one twelvemonth of telephone client service experience.

-Knowledge of computing machines and package. specifically Customer -Relationship Management ( CRM ) systems

-Experience with digital. multi-line telephones

-Exceptional written and verbal communicating accomplishments ; ability to efficaciously pass on with clients and all degrees of direction

-Strong appreciation of the English linguistic communication including proper grammar use. spelling. reading/writing comprehension and clear enunciation

-Firm apprehension of mathematical constructs and their applications

-Possess high degree of stress tolerance and the ability to keep self command under hard fortunes

-Must have the ability to execute undertakings with small or no supervising and be able to use deductive logical thinking in order to work out jobs independently

-Must be service oriented and have excellent interpersonal accomplishments


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