Nursing-Sensitive Indicators Essay

Harmonizing to the American Nurses Association. nursing-sensitive indexs “reflect the construction. procedure and results of nursing attention. ” ( “Nursing Sensitive Indexs. ” 2015 ) Understanding the indexs is an of import piece of nursing. non merely to help the patient. but the patients loved 1s every bit good. to guarantee quality patient attention. In this peculiar instance. had the nurse understood the logical thinking and informations behind the Pressure Ulcer Rate and Restraint indexs. and communicated the necessity to describe any pertinent findings the CNA may detect in the nurse’s absence. the CNA would non hold dismissed the crimson country over the patient’s lower spinal column and would hold instantly informed the nurse of the determination. Upon returning the patient to bed. the CNA would hold besides known non to put the patient back in bed on his dorsum and re-apply the restraints. Alternatively. would hold had the patient ballad to one side and stressed the importance. to the patient and household member. of frequent turning. to cut down the opportunity of force per unit area ulcers. Quality patient attention can merely be achieved with teamwork and unfastened communicating. The treatment of force per unit area ulcers in hospitalized patients has become an increasing issue with more attending to the bar of such since the early to mid-1990’s.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS ) province that phase III and phase IV force per unit area ulcers happening during admittance are considered preventable ( Zaratkiewicz et al. . 2010 ) . While the gentleman in our instance scenario represented what would be considered a phase 1 force per unit area ulcer. with proper quality attention and preparation. even this phase 1 ulcer could hold been prevented or at the really least. the patterned advance halted. If the nurse had a better apprehension of nursing-sensitive indexs. or the theory behind them. so possibly he or she would take more ownership in the bar of force per unit area ulcers. Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. Washington. conducted their ain survey sing force per unit area ulcers and ways to forestall them. Their survey was intended to track. prevent and better skin-related results ( Zaratkiewicz et al. . 2010 ) . While the consequences of the survey showed a big addition in minor force per unit area ulcers. it showed a immense lessening in phase III and IV ulcers. the most dearly-won and reportable types. Education and staff reinforcement lead to early sensing and betterment in pattern. finally doing better for the patient.

Possibly if the infirmary in the scenario had communicated such of import figures or conducted their ain survey. the nursing staff and even the CNA’s would hold a better apprehension and finally supply better attention. Equally far as ethical issues such as the petition for a kosher repast that ended up non being kosher. we as nurses accept and agree to stay by a codification of moralss. If I were the nursing displacement supervisor and this instance scenario occurred. there are a few different things I would utilize to discourse with my staff. First of all. I would remind all nursing staff of the codification of moralss we all accepted the twenty-four hours we graduated nursing school and offer transcripts to each of them to function as a reminder. Specifically. for this scenario. I would indicate out ; “Human Dignity is regard for the built-in worth and singularity of persons and populations.

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In professional pattern. concern for human self-respect is reflected when the nurse values and respects all patients and colleagues” ( “The Necessities. ” 2008 ) . While I am non Judaic and non having a kosher repast does non look to be a large trade to me. I know that it is of import to my patient and an acceptable petition. so it should be a precedence for me. Second. I would get down a monthly ethical instruction series. taking a different subject to better educate my staff. In the universe we live in today. there are so many civilizations and a necessity to be more cognizant of ethical intervention. that the staff should non be expected to “just cognize it. ”

This cognition comes from ongoing instruction and it is up to the infirmary and staff to do certain they are kept as up to day of the month as possible sing ethical intervention of patients. I would besides affect my Board of Ethics or ethical expert from the infirmary to step in and unfeignedly apologise to the household. While we won’t be able to repair the repast that was already eaten. we can guarantee the patient and household that stairss have been taken to back up particular petitions of patients from now on.


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