Novel Summary Essay

Rewrite Story What I Did On My Holiday by Christie Mamba I can’t wait for this holiday. Sophie Sturgeon will have a perfect romantic holiday with Callus Wales. I had prepared the whole thing to be perfect as well as for the night before we head to Majorca. But Callus did not show up. He at last sent a text saying he will not come over. He wants a break up and he will not go to Majorca. I decided to hide in my flat. I can’t go by my own. But I need to look independence like how everyone in the office thought. Hannah and Alison, my officemates, emailed me every ingle detail about Callus at work.

Clare came as promised to look after my flat and water the plants. I was hiding behind my bedroom door. Clare came again on the second day. This time, I was hiding under my bed. I did not expect her to explore my bedroom and my closet. I can’t stand looking at her feet trying to fit in my new sacred Jimmy Coho’s. I came out from hiding and started explaining everything to her. Clare was suggested herself to Join my hiding holiday. Clare came out with our ‘holiday plan’. She came the day after with her whole giant luggage. What we didn’t expect is

Even wants a proof that she is safely in ‘Majorca’ after a day she ‘landed’ here. Clare with her great idea captured a photo with her phone from the website of the hotel I supposed to stay. Looks like everyone convinced with that photo. Feeling stuffed, I opened the kitchen window to get a bit of fresh air and saw my backyard. It was one summer day with perfect sun in London. Clare made a beach on my backyard with 8 bags of sand and deckchairs as my birthday present. It really felt like at the beach after my neighbor’s children come to play along. It was my first time knowing my gibber.

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Later, as Clare and I lay back in our deckchair, Clare saw smoke coming out from the flat above us. With Claret’s fast instinct, we saved the old lady and her flat from fire. This incident brought almost everyone together. Later on, all the neighbors came to the barbeques party in my flat to celebrate us saving the weatherman’s grandmother and my thirtieth birthday, including Jason the builder’s yard and Tom the paramedic. Clare uploaded a photo of me and Tom in Backbone the next day. We argued and then Clare confessed she have problem in her relationship with Even.

It was Wednesday, the last day of our holiday at home when Callus sent a text. He wanted to come to Majorca to meet me. I was in cloud nine till the reality hits me. I was not in Majorca. Clare and I took off to Majorca few hours before Callus did. Surprises added when Even said he wanted to Join us too. Callus and Even never have the looks to be buddies. On the second day, we settled down for a day by the pool when Tom saw us and came over to say ‘hello’. Callus was totally not pleased by this accidental meet. The next day I tried to talk to Callus about our relationship but e refused to destroy the mood.

That night, four of us headed to Placid Blanch. Even and Clare decided to have an early night after Callus started being an ass. Callus even picked a fight with Tom after he saw Tom looking at me. It was so embarrassing. The next morning, disaster came after Hannah sent a message that Clare and I had made page six on the Sun for being nominated for a bravery award after saving Mrs. Keenan from the fire. The truth needed to be spilled. We fought and he dumped me were doing great. Even had asked her if she was unhappy with him last night and he told him everything including our hiding holiday.

Even accepted everything and he understood. So, our holiday in my flat did not give Just bad result. At least it brought Clare and Even together again. We went to Placid Blanch again that night and I found Tom. I spend the rest of the holiday with Tom and we started going to proper date after we got back to London. Mom was very happy about us getting that bravery award. She even brushed off our lies for that. Thank God. Clare and I promised to make our five-day break-from-reality holiday as our annual tradition.


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