Notes on about a boy Essay

About A Boy chapter summaries 1. Marcus Intro- relationship with mum/splitting up with Roger. 2. Will Intro- How cool Will thinks he is/visits John and Christine/not fit to be a godparent. 3. Marcus- fears and insecurities/bullied at school/singing in class. 4. Will- meeting Angle/ begins his interest in single mothers. 5. Marcus- mum’s (Fauna) depression/isolated at school- other misfits don’t like negative attention Marcus brings. 6. Will- SPAT/the hunt for single, attractive mums/pretending he Is a father (invents Ned)/meeting Suzie. 7.

Marcus – we discover Maraca’s dad has a new girlfriend (Lindsay)/ The agents Incident (bullied salivation’s depression becomes worse/Marcus Is told he has to go on a picnic with Suzie (Fauna’s close friend). 8. Will and Marcus meet on the SPAT picnic/Will tries to be cool but Marcus figures him out immediately. 9. The dead duck incident and Fauna’s attempted suicide. 10. Will’s view -immediate aftermath of suicide. (V. Brief). 11. Marcus finds the suicide note. He becomes even more protective of his mum, 12. Will’s lifestyle Is explored further. Suzie phones Will and he offers to help out.

The get-together Is arranged between Will and Marcus. Marcus begins his plot to get his mum hooked up with Will (as he believes a relationship will end the worries about further suicide attempts). 13. Marcus matchmaking – Planet Hollywood then Will’s posh restaurant ’28’. Marcus desperate for his mum and Will to get together as he sees it as a way of saving his mum. Because they chat pleasantly, he assumes romance Is In the offing. 14. Will decides Fauna Is not his type. He visits M+F and has an uncomfortable meal and awkward Bob Marled sing-a-long.

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This confirms he wants nothing more to do with them. Fauna tries to contact Will but he ignores her calls. Marcus then visits Will, discovering Will lied about Ned, Marcus tries to Blackmail Will into going out with Fauna. Will refuses but Marcus promises to Return. 15. Maraca’s return visits to Will’s become frequent. Will tries to resist at first but then accepts the visits regularly. 16. More about Will’s empty lifestyle and routine. He Is uncomfortable dealing with Maraca’s Issues but then witnesses the bullying and becomes concerned. First sign of change In Will.

He offers to help Marcus and work on getting him to ‘fit in’. The makeover begins with some Ideas trainers. But he chapter ends with Marcus arriving at Will’s the following day tearful, in a pair of soggy black socks where the basketball boots should have been. ‘ 17. Fauna discovers Marcus has been spending time with Will. Will’s lies about Ned are revealed and she confronts him. Maraca’s troubles/bullying problems are revealed. Flora refuses to accept Marcus Is unhappy and she forbids him from seeing Will again. Fauna’s control of Maraca’s life is explored. 18.

Will’s background- Suntan’s Super Sleigh’. Fauna arranges to speak to Will about Maraca’s need for a father figure. It is agreed forever, that Marcus must not see Will again. 19. Marcus is not dissuaded by Fauna’s demand and still intends to visit Will. Big moment- Marcus meets Elli. First sign of change In Marcus as he rebels and truants after feeling that the head teacher Is not prepared to help him In dealing with the bullies, 20. Marcus vaults Will again. Will to accept him. Bond begins between them. 22. Will ends up accepting an invite to Fauna’s Christmas dinner. 23.

An awkward gathering for the Christmas lunch with Will, Marcus, Maraca’s mum, his dad (Clive) and his new girlfriend, Lindsay all exchanging inappropriate gifts. Suzie arrives and Will feels even more uncomfortable. Will diffuses the situation with humor and Marcus sees that as a strong quality in Will. 24. Will falls unexpectedly in love when meeting Rachel at a New Year’s Eve party. He allows her to believe he has a son as he thinks this will make him more interesting and give him more of a chance with Rachel. 25. Marcus sees Elli and her mum at New Year’s Eve party at Size’s. 26.

Will asks Marcus to pretend to be his son and accompany him to Earache’s to meet her son. Marcus is confused by the whole idea and, after agreeing to go, ends up leaving almost immediately. 27. The scene of Earache’s son Ala threatening Marcus, Marcus leaving and then being pursued by Will and brought back where Ala apologizes. Later on Marcus really begins to fall for Elli- she helps get rid of some of the bullies after an incident outside the newsagents. 28. Will feels sympathy for Marcus and Will’s fatherly side begins to show- we see another change in Will starting to care for others more.

He begins to learn about himself after speaking with Rachel. He tells her the truth about his relationship with Marcus. He feels vulnerable though and still sees being in love’ as a weakness but begins to reconsider his opinions about commitment. 29. A few months pass and Fauna’s depression looks to have returned (crying regularly again). Marcus, unlike before, feels he now has people to turn to for help though (Will and Elli). However, Will refuses to get involved and doesn’t want to have to deal with the responsibility and Elli is too upset about her idol (Kurt Cabin’s) attempted suicide.

Marcus locks himself in the toilets and is very upset. Elli realizes her ignorance to his problems and the chapter ends with her consoling IM. 30. Will has a crisis of conscience and feels guilty (changing again). He wants to help Fauna but feels he is not the right sort of person to do so. Rachel advises him and says she will come along and meet Fauna to help him. 31 . Maraca’s dad has an accident and asks Marcus to come and see him in Cambridge. Marcus initially refuses (seeming more like a typical teenager than ever before) but then changes his mind.

He asks Elli to go with him secretly without his mum knowing. 32. Will goes to meet Fauna, expecting Rachel to Join him for moral support. Rachel does not turn p and Will is left to speak to Fauna alone. He realizes Rachel has done this intentionally to make him face up to his fears. Initially the conversation is awkward but by the end of the evening he seems to have grown again and he realizes that he was more able to help than he first thought. At the end of the chapter Fauna and Will discover, through an answer phone message left by Marcus, that he is in a police station. 33.

Marcus and Else’s train Journey- Elli is upset as Kurt Cabin has killed himself. She gets drunk and ends up leaving the train to Cambridge and smashing a hop window with a cardboard cut-out of Kurt Cabin in as she believes the shop is trying to exploit (make money) from his untimely death. The police take them to the station. Parents are contacted and Maraca’s dad arrives first and begins to lecture him. Marcus reacts angrily (again becoming more typically teenage) and accuses his dad of being a useless father. 34. Will, Fauna and Else’s mum (Strain) go to the part of their family (becomes attached).

The owner of the shop Elli damaged arrives at the police station and Elli is shocked to see that she too is a huge Kurt Cabin fan. Elli apologizes but then Fauna makes an unnecessary speech begging the police to forgive her son. Marcus is humiliated by this and the typical parent-teenage relationship seems to have formed now. The pair are released and they all go out for a burger. 35. Marcus goes back with his dad. He explains to his dad that family is not Just flesh and blood, but in fact all those around you who can support and care. His dad reveals that he and Lindsey plan to have a baby.

Marcus sees this positively as another future part of the support network he will. 36. Some time after, Will has plopped a routine of taking Ala and Will out for the afternoon showing a caring side that was previously non-existent. The story ends with us seeing Will discussing settling down with (Alias mum) Rachel and Marcus being the typical teenager as he seems embarrassed by his mum and now has his own tastes and likes. About a Boy essay practice example titles 1. Write about the relationship between Marcus and Will and how it is presented. 2. Write about the relationship between Elli and Marcus and how it is presented. . Write about the relationship between Rachel and Will and how it is presented. 4. 5. What do you think of Elli and the way she is presented to the reader? 6. Imagine you are Will. At the end of the novel you think back over its events. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Remember how Will would speak when you write your answer. 7. Imagine you are Marcus. At the end of the novel you think back over its events. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Remember how Marcus would speak when you write your answer. 8. In your opinion, who or what had the greatest influence on Marcus?

Support your answer with detailed reference to the text. 9. Show how Marcus is affected by ‘dead duck day. 0. To what extent is it possible to feel sympathy for Will? 11. How is the character of Elli important to the novel as a whole? 12. How is the character of Fauna important to the novel as a whole? 13. How is the character of Clive important to the novel as a whole? 14. How is the character of Rachel important to the novel as a whole? 15. How does Horny present the theme of families in the novel? 16. How does Horny present the theme of isolation in the novel? 17.

How does Horny present the theme of transformation in the novel? 18. How does Horny present the theme of success in the novel? 9. How does Horny present the theme of friendship in the novel? 20. How does Horny present the theme of parenthood in the novel? 21 . Why do you think Horny called the novel ‘About a Boy and to what extent do you find it an effective title for the novel? 21 . How is the trip to Cambridge important to the novel as a whole? 22. How is Will’s visit to the SPAT group important to the novel as a whole? 23. How is Will meeting Rachel important to the novel as a whole? 24.

How is Fauna’s suicide attempt important to the novel as a whole? 25. How is the Christmas dinner important to the evolve as a whole? Themes The themes below run through the novel. The questions are not essay titles but more affect the characters and the story. Use these to make notes and explore your opinions that may be useful in answering essay questions. Family and Friendship The novel revolves around the idea of family. It explores the way families work and how they can break down. It also shows the reader that the traditional family, with two parents, is not the only way to function. What are the characters’ views on family?

What messages does the writer give us about the characters’ families? What does the rite present to us about friendships/relationships throughout the novel? How do these relationships develop? Which relationships are strongest and why? What messages does the writer give us about friendships? How does he show these? Change and transformation/Coming of Age Which characters change in the novel? How are they to begin with? What changes do they make? How would you describe these characters by the end of the novel? What important events cause them to change? Can you trace the changes in particular with Will and Marcus?

How do their paths throughout the story progress/cross? What do the characters learn about themselves and life? Lies/Truth/Deception Which characters lie or keep the truth from others? Why do they do this? What does the writer show us about the lies? What effect do these lies have on the characters and the storyline itself? When the truth is revealed how does this affect the characters involved? Parenthood/Responsibility What does the writer show us about taking responsibility throughout the novel? What types of parents do we see? Are they effective/good parents? What do they do as parents? Do they learn or change as parents?


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