Not of networking akin to time lapse,

Not everyone
can afford a vacation to Mars, however, everyone plans to make their time
during travel as transcendental as a trip to the red planet would be. Keeping
this in mind, the hospitality industry works overtime to ensure the demands of
the ever-evolving traveller are continually met. This year too, we will witness
trends that make travel a larger than life experience.

The concept
of travel today is updated and conforms to more doing than seeing. Sight-seeing
will be passé whilst the possibility of learning about the culture of a place,
meeting its citizens and learning a skill during the travel will be a precursor
to selecting a holiday destination. Travel provides a window of networking akin
to time lapse, it is quick and relevant. Travellers look at community space at
hotels to mingle with other like-minded travellers and potential business

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should consider reinventing how they create a holiday package, for each
individual wants something as unique as they are. Affluent travellers would
look at designing their own luxury experiences, exclusive to each destination.
This would further be bettered by an element of extemporaneity; send the
travellers to witness a ‘wow-moment’. Listicles of ‘what-to-do’ should include
experiences that have not been written about and can be an individual’s
highlight of the trip.

Even with an
advent of new demands from the sector, location, price and quality will still
remain the primary pointers directing travellers.

need to brace themselves with more soft techniques to provide travellers with
an unparalleled stay. Especially in India, the younger guests are tech-savvy
and will be the largest youth population in the world by 2025. Technology will
play an even bigger role to connect information from different businesses to
deliver an almost accurate picture of a traveller – needs, wants, desires,
preferences and purchasing power. Tapping into the power of hotels’ consumer
gauging skills as well as research-based data will allow a brand to receive
repeat business. Hotels would benefit from tweaking their services to suit the
tailored needs of both millennials and Gen X. They both have a different
understanding of travel and come with a variety of purchase power.

A developing
sense of environmentalism, especially in millennial tourists has created a
disruption giving way to a new travel sentiment — eco-tourism and sustainable
travel. Big on agenda for a certain niche of voyagers, this trend will see the
revival of disappearing destinations. The need to explore the rare and few will
have tourists indulge in expensive safaris and cruises that offer a
breathtaking view along with a chance to witness wildlife in its natural
habitat. I have reasons to believe that the rainforest of Amazon might have
human visitors in plenty, for wildlife and pure air.

forms an integral part of travels; hotels often partner with airlines to
deliver exceptional services to the traveller. The skies will get a little
busier with new routes being formed to help guests skip stops and layovers. The
concept of ‘pay for what you use’ might be levied by flight operators to offer
a choice of inexpensive travel to explorers.

India per se
will see a massive rise in outbound travel owing to changing lifestyles,
double-income families and an effort by airlines to make airfares
reasonably/competitively priced. New apps, speedier internet, compatible
phones, urge to travel will see the informed and well-connected travellers
conquering difficult terrains, beating down language barriers and becoming a
truly global citizen.


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