Not Just a Kiss Essay

That Kiss! The feel of her lips tight against his, the feel of them slowly becoming lost in each other, the pleasure of exploring each other further, beyond their lips, beyond the intertwining of his tongue with hers, beyond everything physical. They were one. Heart, mind, body and soul. This kiss meant everything to him. No maybe it was the moment it was stolen in.

He was feeling so high, what could be making him feel this way? He’d had moments like this before, kisses that were almost identical so what was so different this time? He couldn’t put his finger on it and he had had it on his mind all night since he’d left her and he hadn’t slept for even a second.

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The excitement was so overwhelming he couldn’t have slept even if he’d have wanted to. Yet despite this he felt refreshed, completely at peace and his cheeky was monolithic.

As he rose from his hotel bed which was laden with simple white sheets he walked over to the wardrobe and looked in the full length mirror. His big blue almost feminine eyes set with long thick eyelashes stared back at him twinkling with a newly acquired sparkle. His cheeks were flushed a rose colour, on his handsome dark tanned face with raised perfectly preened eyebrows. His hair of the same rich dark brown, sported fresh blonde highlights. He had twisted his hair into neat spikes to go out last night but after tossing and turning all night it looked more like a ruffled mess. Looking at it he now remembered how she had played with it, twizzling it around her fingers.

He closed his eyes and pictured her in his mind; her long shiny, deep brown hair arranged in perfect curls around her beautiful face, with just a flower pinned in it to maintain her side parting. Her eyes were sultry and sexy, dressed up with glitter and pale blue eye shadow. Thin black eyeliner added definition yet her eyes were innocent with the dark sparkling blue of her eye shade, made almost childlike by her neat rows of eyelashes.

Her smile was defined by her full lips which glistened with gloss and matched the red glow of her cheeks in colour. She truly was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. She looked like the “girl next door” yet she knew how to be sexy. Her slender hour glass figure came alive in a tiny black backless top enhancing her perfectly rounded breasts despite the top covering them entirely and resting just below her neck.

The straps that held it tight to her body formed a perfect cross against her back and just below it on the small of her back was a tattoo which was just visible above the waistband of her little black mini-skirt. The waistband was held in place just below her pierced naval by a glittery belt and a diamante chain belt hung slightly lower around her little hips. Her little slim legs appeared longer than they were in black fishnet stockings almost hidden by black knee high boots.

He was woken from his daydream by a knock on the door. It was his band mates who’d visited the club with him last night after their concert.

“Dan, you in there?”

“Yeah, wait a minute!”

Dan threw on a pair of jeans over his tartan boxer shorts which hung tight around his toned thighs. Then he covered his perfect abs with a retro style red and blue t-shirt sporting the logo of a monkey and the capital “Spank me” splashed across the front, before opening the door.

His band mates looked back at him in amazement. He looked dreadful and had a photo shoot in less than half an hour.

After being forgiven and rushing into the limo, they reached the photo session just about on time! It went without any problems and was over in less than an hour but only after makeup and styling which he especially hated as most guys do. In the end though it was all worth it as “Reality” would now be on the cover of every teen magazine in England but Dan was unfazed. He still couldn’t get her out of his mind and he still couldn’t figure out why he was feeling so high or why the kiss meant so much to him. Then it dawned on him, it wasn’t the kiss that meant so much to him it was the girl!! Oh she was everything he’d wanted and she made him feel so alive. She didn’t even know he was in the band, she had been interested in him for him. Molly, Molly oh wonderful Molly!

He had approached her and offered to buy her a drink.

“That’s so lame,” she had said as she giggled, “What? Not even a cheesy chat up line?”

Dan was immediately intimidated by her yet completely enthralled.

“Just a coke then please,” she whispered back with a huge smile on her face.

“O o o ok!” Dan said completely in disbelief that he was stuttering.

The bartender handed him the drink and he handed over the money.

“You don’t drink then?” Dan uttered as he passed her the luke warm coke with a dried up piece of lemon floating on top.

“Of course I do silly” she laughed as she sipped the drink, “Or else why would I have accepted your offer?!”

“Sorry, I thought you knew what I meant.”

“I did, I was just playing.”


“Stop apologizing and come and dance.”

Even though the smoking, sauna like night club seemed the last place to do that, he had no choice as her soft hand with square shaped nails painted with silver glittery nail varnish grabbed his and dragged him through the dark. They danced all night their bodies tight together and eyes fixed in a loving gaze at one another. As the music stopped they wanted their embraces to continue but no longer had an excuse, so, holding hands as they walked down the stairs and out of the exit onto the side walk had to be enough.

“I’ll take you home.”

“It’s alright I can walk home from here.”

“Then at least let me walk you.”

“Ok, but first you have to tell me your name.”

“Dan, and yours?”


By the time they reached the warm green door of her terraced house they knew everything there was to know about each other all except that Dan was a popstar. They were totally enchanted by each other and though neither wanted the night to end Molly made the first move.

“Well I guess this is goodnight then?”

“Guess so”

As Molly placed her key in the lock Dan grabbed her, thrust her around and kissed her on the lips, but not passionately. He kissed her like you kiss your grandma.

“Call that a kiss! This is a kiss!” and with that she grabbed him gently with both hands placed carefully on his cheeks pressing her lips tightly against his. At this point he stopped thinking about it and just enjoyed it. The feel of exploring one another further, then further still with their tongues.

As he stopped reminiscing he had only one thing on his mind, to find this girl and repeat that kiss!….


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