Normally discouraged, incredibly if we make simple

Normally after a day of work, we should sleep easily and achieve a deep rest throughout the night. However, many people do not experience this, instead they have difficulty falling asleep, they do not get enough sleep or they wake up several times at dawn. But do not get discouraged, incredibly if we make simple adjustments in our daily routine, we can prepare for a better night’s sleep. Follow these tips and you can say goodbye to the habit of counting little sheep. Make the dream a priority If you want to experience a better night’s sleep, you have to take the subject very seriously. Studies have shown that lack of sleep causes exaggerated reactions in people to minor incidents, makes them feel stressed and with headaches. What’s worse, physical health is also affected. Lack of sleep increases the risk of having high blood pressure, depression and weight gain , the latter as a result of negative effects on the hormones that regulate appetite. Say no to coffee after noon Drinking the typical cup of coffee in the morning is still valid, but be careful with the amount of coffee we drink during the rest of the day. Here is why. It is often said that caffeine has a half-life of about five hours, which means that if you eat dinner fairly early, a cappuccino after dinner should be out of the system by the time you get to bed. Unfortunately, that is not entirely correct. After seven hours, a large part of the stimulus has been eliminated from the organism, depending on the sensitivity, but 25% could still be there. In addition, this habit can increase nocturnal urination and negatively impact sleep. Define the best time to do your exercises Sleep experts often say that you should avoid doing the exercises at night, as it may be hours before the adrenaline levels return to normal and therefore the excitement prevents falling asleep. Contrary to these opinions, several research projects support the idea that exercise improves sleep. For example, one study found that insomniacs who practiced their regular exercise routine at night slept better, felt less depressed and had more energy the next day. That said, the suggestion is that you try the two variants and recognize which one best suits your sleep needs. Avoid alcohol before sleeping A drink in the evening can be tempting, but in reality it can also ruin sleep, and that is especially true for women. According to a study, men who go to bed under the influence of alcoholic drinks, get to sleep deeply as when they are sober, but unlike them, women sleep less and wake up more often. Alcohol affects the REM phase and the rest of the deeper stages of sleep, which are what make us feel more rested. Finally, like coffee, alcohol is a diuretic and we will agree that it is difficult to sleep when you are running to the bathroom every two hours. Relax when you get home If getting home means facing a lot of responsibilities and housework, it is understandable that relaxation may seem almost impossible, but it is very smart to start relaxing from early in the evening, so that we make a transition from the stressful life that We had during the day, at night. Sit for a while to listen to the music you like, have a chamomile tea or take a relaxing bath. Make love before sleeping More than one joke has been made about how quickly men fall asleep after sex, but in reality there is a good reason for that. After intercourse, the male organism is flooded with prolactin, a hormone that naturally is also higher during sleep. Therefore, the release of the hormone during orgasm is likely to make men feel sleepy. To this should be added oxytocin levels, known as the hormone of love, and that is also associated with sleep, hence it is not strange to hear snoring in a matter of minutes. But men are not left alone in this, women produce more oxytocin than men, which can be a recipe for them also get to sleep and rest better at night. Get away from your phone That phone that you’ve had stuck to you all day, has to stay aside when night comes, and the same applies to laptop and iPad. The reason lies in the blue wavelengths produced by smartphones and other devices that significantly suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep, according to research from the University of Basel. To this is added that the light-emitting devices stimulate the mind, a factor that is associated with the conciliation of a poorer dream.


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