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OBHR Reflection 1:


Question: Human rights
legislation is not working/working well because…


The Human Rights Legislation is a
specific legislation that was put in place to protect employees from workplace discrimination,
and through the delivery of goods and services. I believe that the Human Rights
Legislation is not working to its full potential because there are still serious
discriminatory issues in the Canadian workplace. Per the legislation, the prohibited
grounds for discrimination include: race, colour, religion, sex,
mental/physical disabilities, record of conviction and many others. These
grounds have been discriminated from in the workplace, even in 2018. In terms
of sex, there are gender equality issues in the workplace with equal wage
specifically. Employers will hire male employees over females of equal qualification
just because they are males. This is discriminatory to female employees and
shows how the Human Rights Legislation, although improved is not working as
well as it should.  The other ground of
legislation that is clearly still being discriminated from is colour. Many companies
have a policy in place that states they must interview or hire a minority
before a majority. Although this is trying to close the racial discrimination
gap, it is instead doing the opposite and is disallowing people in the majority
classification equal job opportunities. In my opinion, the Human Rights
Legislation is not working well because it is discriminating from employees
based on sex, colour and many other discriminatory grounds in the workplace. 


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