No Money, No Happiness Sample Essay

In the short narrative “ The Rocking Horse Winner” . the characters jeopardize their felicity by misidentifying it to be equal to money and fortune. The author. D. H. Lawrence uses a distinguishable attack to his composing to demo the damaging and unexpected trail taken which leads to the compromised felicity of the household and the decease of the boy. Paul.

Material ownerships are more of import to them than household. but people on the outside do non see it that manner. The female parent is known to be loving. but ne’er really shows it. “Everybody else said to her: ‘She adores her kids. ’ Merely she herself. and her kids themselves. knew it was non so. They read it in each other’s eyes. ” The household is non happy and loving with each other even though it looks that manner. The household tries to populate extravagantly but can non afford it. “There was ne’er adequate money. The female parent had a little income. and the male parent had a little income. but non about plenty for the societal place which they had to maintain up. ”

Since the household can non afford their manner of life. what the female parent does blight her kids who feel the demand for money all of the clip. Near the terminal of the narrative his nephew is on his deathbed and Uncle Oscar seems to care less. Oscar’s chief concern is non with his nephew. He is selfish. “And in malice of himself. Oscar Creswell spoke to Bassett. and himself put a 1000 on Malabar: at 14 to one. ” Uncle Oscar does non waver one spot in puting a stake on the winning Equus caballus even though he witnessed his nephews status foremost manus. His compulsion on money and his greed blind him. Although one of his closest household members is seconds off from deceasing. all his head can believe about is gaining his net income. The manner a happy household is perceived goes against the world of the changeless demand for money.

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This household depends to a great extent on fortune because they struggle financially. It gives them the opportunity to do more money and have a better life. No affair how much money they make. there will ever be a demand for more. “If you’re lucky. you have money. That’s why it’s better to be born lucky than rich. If you’re rich. you may lose your money. But if you’re lucky. you will ever acquire more money. ” In this conversation with his female parent. Paul finds out why they are the “poor members of the household. ” She blames it on the fact that his “father has no fortune. ” The kids discover a concealed presence in the house in connexion to the demand for more money. “And so the house came to be haunted by the mute phrase: There must be more money! There must be more money!

The kids could hear it all the clip. though cipher said it aloud. ” In the narrative. the households whole life revolves around money. The demand is so great that even the house yearns for it. The kids learn from their female parent that money is the most of import thing in life. In despair to win his female parents love. Paul declares that he is lucky. ” ‘Well. anyhow. ’ he said stoutly. ‘I’m a lucky individual. ’” . “The male child saw she did non believe him ; or. instead. that she paid no attending to his averment. This angered him slightly. and made him desire to oblige her attending. ” Possibly because of his finding and compulsion he is able to sit his swaying Equus caballus and predict the name of the victors in the Equus caballus races. The lone things the household attentions for is money and their ownerships.

Paul’s desire to do his female parent happy leads him to do money. but it besides leads him to his decease. Paul and his siblings are invariably haunted by the demand of more money. “And the kids would halt playing. to listen for a minute. They would look into each other’s eyes. to see if they all heard. And each one proverb in the eyes of the other two that they excessively had heard. ‘ There must be more money! There must be more money! ’” Three kids were upset by issues that they shouldn’t have to be concerned about. After winning a generous sum of money. Paul sets up the money so his female parent shall have a thousand lbs every twelvemonth for her birthday. for the following five old ages. “She went off to town without stating more. But in the afternoon Uncle Oscar appeared. He said Paul’s female parent had had a long interview with the attorney. inquiring if the whole five 1000s could non be advanced at one time. as she was in debt. ”

Even though it is put so she merely gets a certain sum at a clip. she tries to acquire it all at one time. Since Paul merely wants to delight his female parent he lets her hold it. The swaying Equus caballus contradicts the gaming with the race Equus caballuss. “ ‘I’ve got to cognize for the Derby! I’ve got to cognize for the Derby! ’ the kids reiterated. his large bluish eyes blazing with a kind of lunacy. ” Paul starts away merely being a kid and playing on his swaying Equus caballus but ends up acquiring addicted to chancing on race Equus caballuss. His uncle and the Gardner usage Paul to wager on the Equus caballuss. even when he is deceasing. even though Paul ends up cognizing what he wanted at the terminal of his drive. he is overwhelmed by the development of his household and dies.

Paul’s decease is an dry terminal to an guiltless pursuit for what he thought was felicity. A small boy’s effort to accomplish fondness from his female parent shows the unexpected. as he rides his swaying Equus caballus to money but so besides to his decease. Even on Paul’s deathbed. what his uncle says to his female parent shows the sarcasm. The sarcasm is that Uncle Oscar implies that Paul is better off dead because he realized that Paul was brainsick and he is now free because he is dead. “My God. Hester. you’re eighty-thousand to good. and a hapless Satan of a boy to the bad. But. hapless Satan. hapless Satan. he’s best gone out of a life where he rides his rocking-horse to happen a victor. ”


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