No Glass Ceilings For Woman Essay

The modern women of today continue to be kept from their full potential. Greater recognition needs to be accorded womens roles in, and contribution to, the American system. Significantly, a study reported in The Historian: A Journal of History found that 44 percent of general American history books do not even mention the struggle for women suffrage, and 65 percent fail to record the names of Margaret Sanger and Betty Frieden. As far as most of these books are concerned, women are invisible in American history. (Breaking Barriers 1991, I)

The American womens movement arose when a handful of determined women publicly demanded equality of opportunity and rights with men, long denied them. They challenged the male-imposed concept that womens proper role was in subservience to men. (Breaking Barriers 1991, I, xi) Today more than ever, the opportunity to become a very successful professional woman is there for the taking, if you choose. Top-level male executives have been passing the baton, albeit maybe reluctantly at times. Just recently, Carly Fiorina became the first woman to head a Dow 30 company.

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Not long ago, Jill Barad took over the helm of a major toy company, Mattel. Imagine going from dressing Barbies to running the whole enchilada. There are many other female executives who have successfully left their mark on the business world. These women have paved the way for all. If women aspire to run a multi-billion dollar company or just want to be the best at what they do, the opportunity is available. Dream Big! Some common phrases; If only we had on opening, wed hire you. We love your idea. These bent truths are similar to those found in romance and are usually kosher.

Admittedly, words are not always used to communicate true concepts, but to miss-communicate and bend the truth to save feelings. (Secrets and Strategies 1996, 97) The desire now, more then ever before, is not to push women into becoming a Carly Fiorina or a Jill Barad, but instead to arm women with all the right tools and techniques so that they can achieve their goal. Whatever it may be, as quickly and as painlessly as possible. With out a doubt many will find the trade secrets of many women that have achieved all levels of success, in different fields both in the corporate world and in their own business.

Most will lead a way through the corporate minefield so that you can quickly master a career and its objectives, yet still leave time to savor success. Each step up the corporate ladder to successand they will meet at the top. The professional woman always knows where she is going. She sets goals to guide her actions toward success. But goal setting is more than just talking about what you want to accomplish. Women were once considered too sensitive. Hormones were thought to be in control of their actions. Now we find that this heightened sensitivity is their greatest asset.

This sixth sense perception allows them to tune in to levels of wisdom that few men can understand. This intuition is often a key to women’s success. Women have proven themselves to be as strong as men, if not the stronger sex. It is women who hold the family together. They are the rock, the cement, and are willing to make great sacrifices to achieve this end. If holding the family together is their goal, then they are willing to do anything and if healing a nation is their goal, nothing will prevent their achieving it.. (Women Entrepreneurs1986, 145) Some fear a woman could not lead in times of war.

Joan of Arc, a sixteen year old farm peasant, and more recently Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Britain, have proven that is not so. A woman would be more likely to first look for alternatives to war. As bridge builders women build unity and are not as easily offended at slights. After all they are more used to it. At a government level, this means the operation of congress would be less likely to be a show of egos, since women have been programmed to often deal with the lack of it. Decisions would be made for real and not for show. The perceptions of others would be less important than the outcome of the decision.

Men have grown up with competition while women have mastered cooperation. This country must come together and learn to function as one people united by a belief in freedom and integrity. The knight-in-shining-armor myth has rusted! People don’t want a savior; they want a leader who will lead with honor. With all the changes that are going on in this world it is only natural that at some point a woman will be president. Women were once thought of as the weaker sex and not able to handle a tough job. But as more and more men stay home with the family, men have learned that being a wife and mother is the toughest job in the world.

Conversely, women now know they can and do achieve anything. Given a chance and a desire women can equal or exceed a man’s performance in most every category, even in the operation of this government. Today the modern women of America stand as a living model for every American. If she can run for President, giving up her job, her life, as she knew it, and her normalcy for this country, then every American can do something. What they do is up to the dictations of their heart, but the spirit of this nation can only be resurrected by all of us working together for a common good. Apathy is the real enemy that must be vanquished.

Women have long been known for their compassion, concern and sense of responsibility with the welfare of others, especially the family, often putting their own needs last. Men on the other hand have been culturally programmed to protect their own, Thus, decisions that are made by men tend to be more short sighted on preservation of their own goods and chattel. Whereas women are more likely to look at what is good for the whole and are more far-sighted by nature. Women are more willing to forego the short-term benefit in the pursuit of the long term ones.. (Breaking the Glass Ceiling 1992, 121) Feminism

Radical feminism (the primary focus of this view point) go even further then their cultural counterparts, beginning with the explicit assumption that men by their very nature consciously and systematically oppress women, who in turn are depicted as the primary victims of the male-hierarchic society. The differences between men and women are not just biological, say the radical feminist, but diabolical as well. The radicals do not hide how they feel. They are angry. And because the shrill voice is often the one that is most heard, they dominate both the popular media and the academic literature.

To be an American at the close of the 20th century- what good fortune. Thats what we keep hearing, anyway. The barricades have fallen, politicians assure us. Women have made it, Madison Avenue cheers. Womens fight for equality has largely been won, Time magazine announces. Enroll at any University, join any law firm, and apply for credit at any bank. Women have so many opportunities now, corporate leaders say, that we dont really need equal opportunity policies. Women are so equal now, lawmakers say, that we no longer need an Equal Rights Amendment.

Women have so much, former President Ronald Reagan says that the White house no longer needs to appoint them to higher office. Even American Express ads are saluting womens freedom to charge it. At least, women have received their full citizenship papers. And yet Behind this celebration of the American womens victory, behind the news, cheerfully and endlessly repeated, that the struggle for womens rights is won, another message flashes. You may be free and equal now, it says to women, but you may have never been more miserable. (Feminism, 58)


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