Nikola tesla Essay

Tests apart from the crowd is when he said “… Vice that can communicate with no wires. “(Cheney. 283). People found this obscured until he demonstrated in 1898 a radio controlled boat in Madison Square Garden. People still didn’t believe him saying things like, “There Is a small monkey controlling that boat! ” Before it was officially called a radio Tests had many patents on his designs but was overruled when he claimed the transatlantic cable was made using 14 different Tests patents. Tests was determined to solve the mystery of the radio, but he wasn’t about X-rays. In fact It was an accident. He was experimenting with what he called “Invisible Energy.

He stumbled upon energy of the third kind after some film was ruined In his laboratory from previous experiments. Tests tried to capture a photo using exposure from a 19th century florescent bulb, Crooked tube, and Kessler Tube. When he went to take a picture of his friend Mark Twain the only thing shown In the picture was a metal screw from the lens. More late nights revealed a new device, with which Tests took of his hand and this was believed to be the first ever North American attempt at an X-ray. Tests accidentally stumbled upon another amazing revolutionary Invention. But he didn’t know It. Although other

Inventions were truly amazing, nothing Is more revolutionary than these two. ! I would recommend this book to anyone who Is remotely Interested In science, history, and Insane scientists. This book Is not hard to read, but does Include some technical terms and scientific words. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read, because I had to look up some of the terms myself. ! This book made me think about life In the late 18005. Cheney describes It as a fairly hard time, but when she says, “Eighteen clean linen napkins were stacked neatly and his usual place… He began to polish the already sparkling silver. (p. )” which isn’t common now a days. The other time period unique thing is the use of silver dining wear, which isn’t common today either. Tests also teaches us of his late night scientific endeavors. While most people would be home sleeping, New Work’s most beautiful minds are hard at work. Mark Twain sends word via courier for Tests to Join him for a cigar. But instead of agreeing Tests invites Twain back to his lab. The story then follows the two men on their way to the lab in vivid detail. Cheney describes the streets being made of cobble stones and the sent of thick smog due to over use of coal. Once again very unique to the time.

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Cheney describes the scenery of New York almost as if you were there. But what I found most interesting and very different to the way we live now is how different transport was. Not that I was oblivious to of the use of horses, it Just that Tests is so modern you would expect him to travel in a car. “Us-future-dwellers” travel by car or by plane. But back then your options were horse,train, or boat. I find the 19th century fascinating, from the silver forks to the radio. However, the most fascinating inventions such as the Tests Coil or accidental X-rays, came from an erratic and eccentric innovator, called Nikolas Tests.


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