Newcomers in Canada Job Market Essay

Job Market Nearly quarter million immigrations landed in Canada every year, most of those newcomers find that it is difficult to make a new life in Canada. High educated immigrants have lower employment rate is a widespread phenomenon in Canada. According to the “Educated new immigrants struggle to find work” in Protest, the article shows that newcomers are hardly to find Jobs in their field, even they have foreign credentials.

The author points out that those newcomers with degrees have rower employment rate than native-born Canadians. The article goes to say, some of those educated newcomers could only find low-skill and low-paid Jobs, and the wage gap Is ubiquity between newcomers and Canadian-born. The author considers that Canadian employers dwells hiring newcomers because newcomers do not have local network and education (Telegraph-Journal). Therefore, many struggles for new immigrants In Canadian Job market may cause to low employment rate, high family pressure, and different education system.

To begin with, there are a small number of jobs supplies to new immigrants. Unfortunately, some Canadian corporations unaware that hire new immigrants can help their business and reduce financial burden, so they deny hiring newcomers. First, the firms do not pay decent wage for newcomers, so large numbers of newcomers tend to wait for employment and apply government relief. Actually, domestic enterprises are hardly to balance their foreign employees’ skills and their salary, so they tend to offer lower salary than local workers at first. For example, average salary for Canadian workers in the core working age group Is 23. 2 dollars per hour, but the salary for immigrants In same notation Is 2. 28 dollars less. For university degrees holder, the salary gap Is larger between native-born and newcomers (Telegraph-Journal). Second, local enterprises ignore hiring international migrants can help their business moving forward into new areas cause to high unemployment rate. Today is a global economy era that every corporation tends to develop international business. Employing staffs that have network and Job experience in other countries. Those backgrounds can help those companies to enter the International market quickly.

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Have to say that many enterprises still indulge in traditional business. For example, Canadian firms that are succeeding in international trade have nearly one fifth immigrant workers, and this number maintains growth. Jogger Dietz is an international business professor at the Richard Vive School of Business, he says, if a company do not start working on diversity management, there will be no future of It. Finally, the other reason of few Job opportunities Is employees do not deem new Immigrants may help their companies to build wider consumer markets.

People migrate from over hundred countries live together in Toronto: it means that consumer market in this area is Accordingly, a shortcut for enterprises who want to expand wider consumer market is hire immigrants from other cultures. For example, Deepen Copra, the president of Pitney Bowes Canada, is an immigrant form Indian. Copra says newcomers’ abilities can help local firms to expand customer market faster (National Post). In short, Canadian company’s attitude for new immigrant is not optimistic.

The few employment opportunities and high unemployment rate will be a long standing Moreover, new immigrants struggle to find work in their field. First, the issue. Largest obstacle for newcomers is language. Most of immigrants are from non-English speaking countries. Most of those newcomers choose improve their language first. If there is no language, then there is no communication, then there is no Job opportunity. Those factors form a chain, and this chain is universally accepted. Consequently, learning English is the first barrier for new immigrants to solve if they want to find Jobs.

For example, a new statistic by Ontario Council of Agencies Service Immigrants (COCAS) says that one third newcomers think learning language is important. To solve this problem, the Immigrant Women’s Centre (ICC) and the YMCA apply language service to new immigrants, in order to help them enter into Canadian Job market (Ontario news). Second, newcomers likely accept low salary Job under high life pressure. To build a new home in a new country is not an easy thing. New life put pressure on newcomers, such as food, rent, insurance, and so on. However, only a few companies like to give opportunity to newcomers.

Most of those newcomers that under life pressures accept low paid or more than one part-time Job. For example, one of my friends, Jungian Wang, migrated from China. He and his family rent an apartment in Toronto. The high standards of consumption in Toronto push him to make more money. For this reason, Wang take two part-time Jobs as labor, none of those two Job paid more than twelve dollar per hour (Wang). Finally, different culture becomes a gap for finding Jobs. People who have different culture may have different way of thinking. It is difficult for newcomers to follow the rhythm in a company has a foreign culture.

For example, Victim Alleluia emigrated from India to Canada four years ago. At the beginning, he applied many Canada Company, but none of those interviews got past. His agency says all those company give feedback that his large beard and headers make him different form other people. Those companies are not sure that Alleluia could blend into their company culture. He got a Job until he changed his traditional look to normal (Alleluia). In a word, new immigrants should improve their own skills and ability before they find Jobs. Furthermore, educated new immigrants have less opportunity in Canadian Job market.

First of all, the degree becomes powerless in Canada due to different education system. Many foreign degree holders decide to migrate to Canada look for brighter future. Unfortunately, a recent Statistics Canada report says that near 70% university-educated newcomers cannot find a well-paid Job in their field. For example, I have a university-degree of Law, but I cannot use my degree to find any Job in this filed. In China, we can select law program in university, but, in Canada, the law program cannot be select during university. Consequently, a Canadian law office will not offer a person who only has a foreign degree of law.

Although, native graduates with university degree, also squint towards be under-employed but the Job market is Hessians working as scabies, and anthologists working at Tim Horror’s (Telegraph- Journal). Second, newcomers armed with degrees have less Job experience. As we know, some countries only teach their degree holders theoretical skills. For a company, they do not want to hire any person only know the knowledge in textbook, but have no practice experience. Those newcomers need to merge and mate the theoretical skills with the practice, in order to get more opportunity in Job market.

For example, most universities in Canada supply Co-pop program that give their students ore work experience. It means that, the companies do not need spend lot of time to train their new employees. However, most of aboard universities do not have this program for their students. Even those newcomers are high educated, but they can work independently. Finally, newcomers’ foreign credentials are not being recognized in Canada. Many countries’ quality of education lags behind Canada. So there has a gap among Canadian education system with other countries’. Therefore, Canadian companies are tending to hire new employees with local degrees.

For example, the duty by Statistics Canada found that newcomers who are graduates form Western nations are more likely to find work than those educated elsewhere (Stance). In short, new immigrants with high level degrees usual have lower employment rate. To sum up, the large number of newcomers land in Canada cannot be ignore. How to help them to build their new life becomes an important problem. Although we need advance both subjective and objective situations, in order to solve this problem. Maybe this phenomenon will still exist during a long time, but we can try our best to make the gap narrower and narrower.


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