New Building-Optical Networks Essay

The new construction has been given a grant to do its web province of the art by doing it a fiber ocular web. The subjects of treatment that will be mentioned in this paper are the hardware that will be necessary for the interior and outside of the edifice and how we would spread out the fibre to an next edifice if it is built. Another subject to be discussed will be depicting the safety procedures that will be following during the installing.


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When running a overseas telegram through a wall. conduit or other unaccessible infinite a drawing oculus can be an indispensable tool. This device is specially designed to attach to the strength member of the overseas telegram at one terminal and a pulling line on the other. The pulling line is used to draw the oculus with the attached overseas telegram through an unaccessible infinite. This allows you to draw the overseas telegram and protect the fibre ends from harm.

PULL BOX – A pull box is normally installed after a long consecutive tally or every clip the set of turns sums 180 grades or more. The pull box is used to make a intermediate gap for the drawing overseas telegram to cut down the length of overseas telegram being pulled through the conduit or to cut down the figure of turns the overseas telegram is being pulled through at a given clip. It is of import to maintain in head the crook radius of the overseas telegram when utilizing a pull box.

SPLICE ENCLOSURES – Splice enclosures can take many signifiers depending on their location and application. Splice enclosures can be typically topographic point in one of the two following classs. 1. Radial Splice Enclosures – radial splicing enclosures have overseas telegrams enter and go out the enclosure on the same side. 2. Axial Splice Enclosures – Axial splicing enclosures have overseas telegrams enter and issue on opposite terminals of the enclosure. Enclosures designed for outdoor usage are environmentally sealed. Typically all enclosures will include: * A strain alleviation system that ensures the strength member of the overseas telegram will transport the tensile burden. * Clips that hold the splicings in an orderly manner.

* Space for looping the excess optical fibre that is needed to execute the splicing outside the enclosure

PATCH PANELS – Patch panels are an interrelated point for fibre overseas telegrams that allow signals to be routed from one overseas telegram to another with a spot or jumper cord.

CONDUIT – Conduit is used to for overseas telegram tallies inside and outside constructions. Cable is run through the conduit utilizing fish tape and drawing eyes. In many instances conduit may already be in topographic point for other utilizations and fiber can be run next to them without the demand to put in ne conduits.


If we wanted to run fiber to other edifice on our campus I would urge utilizing the direct burial method of telegraphing. Direct entombment would be done by puting conduit resistance between the two constructions that need the fibre optics. This will maintain the overseas telegrams out of sight and protect them from the natural elements. Another method that may be used to fiber both edifices on campus is blown fiber. This is non a traditional method of telegraphing a web but it has advantages the others do non. With blown fiber optical fibre is blown through tubings from one location to another. The optical fibres can besides be removed from the shell and new fibres blown in. This is a great option because if the optical web gets old and needs to be replaced with new or better fiber it can be done without destructing belongings or delving up conduit.


Safety is occupation one for everyone. All contractors executing fibre ocular cabling will be required to adhere to the site safety program. Safety is occupation one and will be followed at all times. The followers is some safety processs that should be followed during fibre cabling. The two major safety issues are proper disposal of the glass strands created by cutting and paring the fibre or by chance interrupting it. and the cleansing chemicals and adhesives used in installings. * Always dispose of fibre garbages carefully. topographic point in a disposable container that has a sealed palpebra and dispose of them decently. Remember fiber garbages are the same as glass matchwoods. * Handle cleansing chemicals and adhesives carefully and be certain to be familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheets ( MSDS’s ) information and the jeopardies

* Employee will utilize double-sided tape to pick up broken or isolated pieces of fibre. * Employee will often unclutter off working surfaces where bare fibre may be. utilize double-sided tape to pick up broken or isolated pieces of fibre. * The used double-sided tape with broken or isolated pieces of fibre will be disposed of in properly labeled containers that can be tightly sealed. * Employee will non let broken or isolated pieces of fibre to fall onto the floor where they will lodge in rugs or cleaving to places and be carried elsewhere. *

Employee will avoid puting up fiber ocular overseas telegram splice and ending work countries straight under or near warming or air conditioning mercantile establishments. as dust or soil on connections is a major cause of abrasions on polished connections that can do high loss measurings. * Employees must maintain dust caps on connections. bulkhead splicings. and spot panels and utilize lint-free tablets and isopropyl intoxicant to clean the connexion point of airborne dust atoms. * Thoroughly clean your work country when your undertaking is completed. *

REMEMBER FIBER SCRAPS are the same as glass matchwoods and can do internal hemorrhaging if ingested. * Keep all nutrient and beverages out of the work country. Make non smoke in countries where fibre ocular overseas telegrams are being spliced or terminated. or where au naturel fibres are being handled. * Employees will non convey cosmetics. lip balm. medical specialty. oculus beads. masticating gum. masticating baccy. manus picks. or lotions in countries where fibre ocular overseas telegrams are being spliced or terminated. or where au naturel fibres are being handled. * Prior to go forthing the work country where fibre ocular overseas telegrams are being spliced or terminated or where au naturel fibres are being handled. employees will look into their vesture to take any isolated pieces of bare fiber by chucking themselves with clean pieces of double-sided tape. so decently dispose of this tape. * Employees will instantly and exhaustively rinse their custodies after go forthing the work country. where fiber ocular overseas telegrams are being spliced or terminated. or where au naturel fibres are being handled. *

Work countries for splicing and ending fiber ocular overseas telegrams must be provided with equal lighting and airing. * Wear disposable apron if possible to minimise fiber atoms from attaching to your vesture. Fiber atoms on your vesture can later acquire into nutrient. drink. and/or be ingested by other agencies or carried place in/on your vesture and expose household members to the fibre matchwoods. If the undertaking was an bing edifice the fibre web would be easier to carry through presuming the bing web used the proper conduits and adhered to up to day of the month edifice codification conformity. If the conduits were already in topographic point for Cu so we could merely pill the Cu out and run new fibre in it’s topographic point and add in new spot panels. pull boxes. splicing enclosures. With the new edifice everything being done from abrasion takes more planning and clip but if the bing edifice didn’t meet the ordinances or needed all new conduits this would take even more clip. The best pattern is to measure a bing and do certain you know what you’re acquiring into before the occupation starts.


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