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  Needing a Change for a Better Place for AllExamination of The U.S Law Enforcement and Germany Law Enforcement Bianca Valdez Laguardia Community College 1/25/2018             Title: One can wonder, how come there has been so many killing in the U.S by police compared to the law enforcement in Germany? Cops in the U.S have a bad reputation in today’s society. One may ask why because some like myself think that this all goes back to the training that is offered in academies that they attend. The U.S law enforcement needs to improve their training skills in handling with civilians properly so that they can become better at decision making when having to interact with civilians in any dangerous or not so dangerous situations. Making the decision like pulling their guns at any given situation, and at the end, it almost always ends deadly. However, in Germany, they train police officers to use different strategies before pulling out a gun. In the training that they experience there is a course that they take very seriously which is called “Don’t shoot” a weapon training course. This is where they learn the strategies how to shoot but focus more on not killing but trying to stop the person from being a threat, for example by shooting them in the arm or leg ext… so that they can live. Taking into consideration that there are people that suffer from mental illnesses. However, very different could be said how the U.S police solve situations. On how the police are trained to open fire until they are no longer a threat. This is when you hear about all of these cases that they stop a person with knife, gun or nothing at all and shoot 12,16,18 times. The strategies that Germany uses in training can be very helpful and make a big difference here in the U.S. Llana stated:  “In every head of every policeman there is the aim not to shoot,” says Col. Uwe Thieme, the four-star senior policy director at the state’s office for education, training, and human resources. “We try to make all police officers recognize that you are not a good guy if you are shooting. You are a good guy if you are not shooting.”(Llana) In addition, by the lack of training many innocent people have been killed in the past year by law enforcement in the U.S. Although Germany has had situations that end tragically, comparing both law enforcement, the U.S police have the highest rates. According to “police have killed 1,147 people in the U.S in people were 25% (282) of those killed despite only 13% of the population.”By the view of this data, the minority are the ones that are affected by this. Not mentioning that “99% of these cases in 2015 have not resulted in any officer(s) involved being convicted of a crime.”With all these killing that is occurring by police, the minority now fears of contacting them due to not knowing if it is going to result in the police killing them or killing a loved one. if you overview these killing always the result end that either the victim had a toy gun or what they thought it was a gun or that it was accidental. Resulting in someone getting killed and forgotten. Other studies show from ( that in Germany “15 citizens of any race, armed or unarmed, fatally shot in two years from 2010 through 2011” compared to the U.S “19 unarmed black men fatally shot by police in the first five months of 2015.”In brief, these are the consequences that play a role when law enforcement are not properly trained to handle these circumstances.When training they most come up with different types of evaluations to ensure that some of these officers are well-prepared face these situations and act professionally. We must take this seriously, these are peoples lives we are talking about, it is not a game.In comparing the criminal justice system between the U.S and Germany they differ and have some similarities as well. According to (O’connor,2014) in Germany, the sixteen states, largely, utilize more than 31,882 workers, with 21,500 bookkeeping as formally dressed gatekeepers. States that additionally jail are named as “open ” and “closed.” The open jail s are for detainees that are known not to be fierce with short sentences. The shut detainment facilities are for that are for detainees that are brutal and have longer time. Women prisoner are permitted to give birth to their child and keep them there for a measure of time (Aronowitz,2008). Allowing a woman to keep their child at least for an amount is a great policy that works in a positive way for women in these situations. In the criminal system in the U.S there are 50,000 organizations and three wards which are Federal, state, neighborhood government. what makes up the criminal system is the police, courts, and corrections. Prisoners that have a felony offense accusation would go to a federal prison. Prisoners that submit any offenses inside the state go to their state imprison and if accused of misdemeanors they will go to a nearby jail if less than a year or to await court to see the judge.With regards to capital punishment not all states in the U.S endorse this punishment arrangement however some do. On the other hand, Germany does not have capital punishment. there is no jury so those in charge of settling on decisions and addressing by would be the judges. Besides exactly when the judges are done than the prosecutor can ask inquiries.however equivalent to the U.S that cases are explored on the same by police, sent to the prosecutor and afterward finished a court( conclusion, in this paper, I have done comparisons between the U.S law enforcement and the Germany law enforcement.We analyzed the distinctive training that they encounter, the outcomes that have happened by the lack of training, the criminal justice, and approaches that the two nations pass by. By the day’s end, the U.S and Germany ought to gain from each other, getting a handle on their defects and features. So we can live in an equivalent and a superior place.         


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