Natural Selection Lab Essay

Did either allele A or a disappear from the population you studied? Why or why not? Allele A disappeared for the most part because Allele a had an environmental advantage over Allele A. The population for Allele a appeared frequently, which leads me to believe that Allele a had a more dominant existence, thus leading to its survival over Allele A. Did the effect of natural selection vary with different starting allele frequencies in identical environments? Why or why not? Yes, because the natural selection varied the number alleles that appeared more frequently.

More frequent appearances lead to more population of that allele. A population in which the frequency of alleles remains the same over generations is said to be in genetic equilibrium. Describe one mechanism by which a populations’ genetic equilibrium can be disrupted and result in the process of evolution. If something happens to the environment that could drastically chance the landscape, the organisms in that environment may or may not survive, depending on the changes. Some organisms will adapt to the changes, and some will not.

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In which of the simulated environments do individuals of the genotype Aa survive best? Urban and Grassland In which of the simulated environments do individuals of the genotype aa survive best? Desert and Rocky Which set of data represents a type of natural selection that stabilizes the allele frequencies of the population? The frequencies are pretty even around 50% for both allele A and a in the grassland. This is a good example of this dataset representing a type of natural selection that stabilizes allele frequencies in an environment.


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