Narratives Are a Great Read Essay

Narrative essays and Descriptive essays can be similar but they are different in nature. The narrative essay “I Want a Wife” is more compelling than the descriptive essay “Homeless” because the narrative essay has a point of position. uses wit and sarcasm. and uses tone and linguistic communication that can pull the reader in.

“Narration is storytelling from the position of a storyteller and the narrative may be true. false. fanciful. or a combination. A narrative can be about past. nowadays. or future events. and it can be short or the length of a novel” ( Connell & A ; Sole. 2013. sec. 6. 3 ) . A narrative can pull in the audience by stating the reader the narrative merely how it happened or how they pictured it to be without losing person in idea because they may non understand what they mean when they are utilizing words to depict it a certain manner. “Description is a form of composing that can be defined as picture images with words” ( Connell & A ; Sole. 2013. sec. 6. 4 ) . A descriptive essay uses really expressive words to depict specific inside informations.

The reader will hold to utilize the five sense in order to understand what the author is seeking to convey and may acquire lost particularly if the reader doesn’t understand one of those descriptive words. The two essays in this paper that are being compared and contrasted are “Homeless” by Anna Quindlen and “I Want a Wife” by Judy Brady. Both essays are being told by the writer but through person else’s eyes but on what the writer sees. The get downing paragraph from the narrative essay “I Want a Wife” reads. “Not excessively long ago a male friend of mine appeared on the scene fresh from a recent divorce. He had one kid. who is. of class. with his ex-wife. He is looking for another married woman. As I thought about him while I was pressing one eventide. it all of a sudden occurred to me that I. excessively. would wish to hold a married woman. Why do I desire a wife” ( Brady. 1971 ) ?

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This paragraph started off the essay with author’s point of position because she excessively is a married woman. The writer was able to place this by what she does as a married woman. how she acted and how she is treated. This can besides be the point of position of a adult male because some work forces may experience that this is what a married woman should make or how a married woman should move or possibly person else who is a married woman. because it’s what they do. She made the essay seem like a married woman is such a immense trade and that they have such a large occupation to finish throughout each twenty-four hours. This essay makes the reader halt and believe about if this is the manner they want their married woman to be or if they want to be this manner if they are a married woman. The descriptive essay “Homeless” . the writer tells her point of position because of a homeless lady she wanted to inquire inquiries to. She perceived her point of position about stateless people from a portrayal the lady showed her and what she sees when she looks at the lady and the image. Both essays have a point a position a reader may hold or differ with.

Not everyone sees a married woman as a individual who does everything for the family. such as cook all repasts. clean the whole house. take attention of the childs. and take attention of the adult male. Back in 1971 when the essay was written this may hold held true. but in 2014 there are house-holds where the adult female is the bread victor and the adult male will remain place and take attention of everything. There are besides other relationships where the house clasp is 50-50. The hubby and married woman portion responsibilities. Equally far as stateless people. someone’s point of position may be different than when the writer said: “People find it funny that those without places would instead kip sitting up on benches or huddled in room accesss than go to shelters” ( Quindlen. n. d. parity. 7 ) . That was her point of position of what she thinks other people think but in world. the stateless people may non be able to acquire shelter so they have no pick but to kip on benches. With these two essays. the point of position is stronger in the narrative essay because most people are married womans. or they have a married woman and can see this essay as true.

The descriptive essay. non everyone is homeless or they may non be around stateless people or cognize how they interact so they may non understand the point the writer is seeking to do. The tone of “I Want a Wife” is written in a humourous. dry temper. This is what makes this essay gratifying to read and it’s non tiring to the reader. The essay has a “sarcastic tone which is produced when person uses heave-handed verbal sarcasm. Verbal sarcasm occurs when one expresses the antonym of what one really means ( Connell & A ; Sole. 2013 ) . The narrative essay is besides of great wit and sarcasm. To any adult female reader and possibly some work forces. they may look at this essay and laugh. The reader may feel the irony in the author’s words. For illustration. the writer says “If. by opportunity. I find another individual more suited as a married woman than the married woman I already have. I want the autonomy to replace my present married woman with another one” ( Brady. 1971. parity. 8 ) . This paragraph alones makes you huffy but makes you laugh. The whole essay in itself is besides written in irony. The author depicts what a married woman should be but is sarcastic in her attack of how she writes it.

She ever started off with “I want a married woman who will” . and so negotiations about what she would desire her married woman to make if she wanted a married woman. and how a married woman should move. If you did non cognize the writer. you would hold Thursday ought this was written by a adult male. At the terminal of the essay. Brady ( 1971 ) states “My God. who wouldn’t want a married woman? ” shows that this whole essay was of great sarcasm and sarcasm because she talks about what she wants in a married woman when she is a married woman. This quoted sentence shows hyperbole. merely like the remainder of the essay. There was no sarcasm or irony or anything to do me laugh in the descriptive essay “Homeless” . Because of the nature of the essay. there wouldn’t be any wit or sarcasm since it could be considered a sad essay. The author’s tone in “Homeless” is really serious. yet placid. It is serious because the topic is besides really serious topic. but calm because she knows that there is a solution for these jobs.

Quindlen uses this tone to acquire through to the reader in order to present the intent. The tone is besides sad because of the jobs of homelessness in the universe today. The reader may experience a sense of understanding when reading this essay because it can be controversial. There is some hyperbole linguistic communication the writer is utilizing in homeless like: “It was like a 1000 houses in a 100 towns. non suburb. non metropolis. but someplace in between. with aluminium turnout and a chain-link fencing. a narrow private road running up to a one-car garage. and a spot of backyard ( Quindlen. n. d. parity. 2 ) . Brady besides uses different nonliteral linguistic communication such as hyperbole and repetitiousness in her essay. Through the linguistic communication you frequently felt the emotion of the essay particularly if you are a married woman because you may believe about if you have done the things she is saying a married woman does.

This essay has an emotion entreaty to it. It “has a intent. its honest and non trying to misdirect. and non used merely for consequence or for gratuitous reasons” ( Connell & A ; Sole. 2013. sec. 7. 3 ) . It is non doing personal onslaughts on married womans. but demoing how a married woman is treated as such and how they are non appreciated. The narrative essay gave a more clear apprehension as to the point the writer was seeking to acquire a cross. The narrative essay besides used a descriptive authorship form. The linguistic communication was carefully and peculiarly chosen and it besides evoked emotions to the reader. The narrative essay was of great wit and sarcasm but it besides made you think approximately life as a married woman. as to where the descriptive essay was a serious essay that talked about a universe issue and the effort to take action to work out that job.

It lacked the senses a descriptive should hold. There was no emotion and no feelings associating to the subject. because the descriptive essay was more of a journalistic essay that talked about jobs that needed to be solved. It did non hold many words to paint the image of how stateless people live and what they look like. or how they smell how they get by twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours. The narrative essay had this originative tenseness that kept the reader interested in what a adult male or another adult female may believe of what a married woman could be. It kept the author of this essay interested because she is excessively. a married woman.

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