My satisfaction includes: 1. Graduating high school

My name is Ahmed Salahiya. I am
from Syria. I am in the second semester of my freshman year studying business administration
at the American University in Dubai. I would like to tell you a brief summary
about my background, interests, achievements, and goals.


                I was
born in Dubai. Dubai is one of the most attractive cities. It is very popular
for its achievements and luxury hotels and places. An example of a luxury place
is “Burj Al Arab”. Another example is “Burj Khalifa” – the tallest building in
the world. In addition to the tallest building, Dubai also built the largest
mall in the world which is called “The Dubai Mall”. I studied and lived my
whole life in Dubai which made me feel as if I am at home.

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daily activities include going to school in the morning then revising what I
was taught ending up by taking a short nap. In the evening, I go to the gym
after that I watch a movie or meet some friends.


                I started
my learning path in the American international School of Dubai starting from kindergarten
until high school graduation. I learned a lot from this school. It made me make
friends, meet amazing teachers who treated me as if I was there son, and it
prepared us to go through the path of success.


                I like
swimming and I always enjoyed playing football. I have achieved many different
goals in life. Some of the achievements that gave me the biggest personal satisfaction

1. Graduating high school with a 3.6 GPA.

2. Getting accepted to the American university in Dubai.

3. Learning the English language.

4. Earning my driving license from the first attempt.

My achievements helped me set up goals.


                I hope
to maintain or get a higher GPA on my second semester. I also hope that all of my
professors will like my work. For the long term goals, I will work as hard as I
can to start my own multinational company and become a very successful business





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