My in Industrial Chemistry at the University

My understanding of Science was
little as I was taught topics such as Energy sources and conversion, Matter and
Water as a universal solvent at Elementary school but my interest grew as I moved
to Secondary school, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were core of my
interest with chemistry being first because we had fascinating practical
sessions in the laboratory, I completed my Secondary school in 2009.

Colour change of chemicals,
Physical and Chemical properties of element, compounds and change of state of
Matter spurred me to study Chemistry and a major in Industrial Chemistry at the
University of Jos, Nigeria where I understood changes of Matter at Molecular
level, Synthesis of Organic and Inorganic compounds and Material Chemistry. I graduated
in 2015 as the best student in my class and was awarded the “Sir Livinus
Igwemezie Award for the Best Graduating Student in the Department of Chemistry”.

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A scholarship to obtain a Master’s
degree abroad will afford me the opportunity to benefit from a diversified pool
of knowledge, increase my skill knowledge, expose me to
state-of-the-art-research-facilities, release my potential and set me on the
path of academic excellence. This dream of mine can only be made real by
scholarship opportunities like this considering my family background.

Following my undergraduate
degree, I am interested in obtaining a Master’s degree in Synthesis, Catalysis
and Green Chemistry from the University of Lyon, France because it offers an
excellent course work, high level research, internship and faculties with
industrial experience. A graduate program at University of Lyon will also
expose me to the diverse people, culture and build my academic confidence to a
level where I am assured of my abilities to undertake future program.

Moreover, a master’s degree will
serve as a stepping stone to help me become a seasoned expert, achieve my short
term goal which is to contribute to academics in Nigeria and a precursor to
PhD. With increasing Industrialization in Nigeria, there arise the need to
carry out innovative research to bring about new manufacturing techniques that
will require home based raw materials and optimizing the production process for
maximum efficiency, this is my long term aspiration, a case where the academics
provide solutions to Industrial problems; to bridge the gap with innovative


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