My first day in college Essay

All students gathered in the auditorium and were given a welcoming speech by our senior FM Program candidates, they shared their practical experiences from the program, and gave us a frank advice I. E. To remain focused, retain learning’s, attend all the lectures, on time submission of assignments, avoid partial group behavior, etc. Which was Like an eye opener for us. We were then divided into two groups I. E.

GROUP I & GROUP II, I was part of the latter group and therefore we had to remain In the same room, we were then accompanied y Proof Jotas Shah and was to improve our verbal ability and confidence, in which we had to address a speech to our group of 35 members on any desired topic , for a minute and half , I learned In this about my group members Ideologies and Likes , it also influenced me to know about myself in knowing time taken in decision making which was a reality check , simultaneously video recordings were done and replayed In order to correct the correct postures , loudness , expressions etc.

The class of 75 was then amalgamated again, and Sir Mac Fernando accompanied us with his valuable learning’s on World Competitive Report, which was a reality heck for us Indians, as I realized the countries’ economy is in a very bad shape, also something that inspired me was Sir Mac’s fundamentals in life, he believed in First 25 years to learn and apply for a job ( O – 25 hrs) Then 25 years to work hard and settle in life (25- 50 hrs) Then rest of the life giving back to the society via social deeds (50 hrs onwards) He also taught us an amazing business strategy for flourishing ones business el Low cost of production Market Focus Day 2, Date 1st March 2014, Our Day started with Saturday Gammas by Mr. Sugar Sod , on his terms of ups and owns in life, and his fighting like a warrior inspired me , also his business knowledge in various fields were impressive and worked on me in a positive way Then Mrs. Charm Savings took our lecture on individual personality traits, which were divided among 4 categories 1. Driver 2. Amiable 3. Analyst 4. Expressive Each term was explained with a video, and I was declared as AMIABLE in nature. Then Sir Mesh Danna , took our lecture on Value Chain and Marketing , he explained it to us through his wonderful presentation and said an individual must K.

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A. S. H stands for K = Knowledge A = Attitude Skills s = Habits H Day 3 , Date : 2nd March 2014. Sir Visual Thacker took our lecture on Business Fundamentals, to which he said the key points being: Marketing Leadership Finance He also gave us a few websites to refer all the time I. E. Shall. Com and moneybag. Com in order to gain stock market training. We also did a group exercise on choosing the correct company to invest with the sum of 1 LACK Rupees, on the basis of Income Revenue Statement, on two companies Wise or Prudent, my group and I were confident on a positive approach towards Wise’ so we went forward with it on all the statistics.

Then we had a lecture by Sir Primal Merchant on Stability and growth of an airline company, we were split again into a strength of 35 students and were given separate computers, to do an activity of running an airline company, for a period of 10 years, with consistent growth and profit , with a very few success rate in the activity it was concluded


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