My fear and how I overcame it Essay

The sky blacked out as the sun disappeared to sleep, and the stars, yellow with dread watched as the moon squirmed with anxiety like a prey under the gaze of its predator. The wind roared with fury, sending a chill throughout my body. I stood there, sweating with trepidation despite the perishing weather, while the mob of people surrounding me squealed with delirium, desperately waiting for the countdown for the New Year to commence.

Feeling all jittery, I nervously glanced at my watch.11:58 pm, it read. That made me cringe. In two minutes a new year would begin. I closed my eyes, trying to breathe normally, but that didn’t stop me feeling my heart hammering me inside my chest. I glimpsed around the beach with beady eyes, and noticed it was all lit up with streamers to enhance the atmosphere for the long awaited New Year. I wanted to abandon this entire ebullient atmosphere, as I was anything but jolly. Suddenly, the crowd screamed 10, disrupting my thoughts. My chest tightened, as the countdown had begun.

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Anxiety shadowed me. A knot formed in my stomach and my heart was beating as fast as how the African Tribes drum their traditional music. 9…8…7…6, the people called out, causing my head to spin. Anytime now, the sky would explode, shattering me. 3…2…1. Abruptly, I heard a deafening sound and the darkness erupted into a spectrum of wild colours, shooting sparks towards the beach, which I felt were hovering above me, like almost ready to ambush me.

Trying as hard as I could, to drown the sight and sound which was snarling around me like a venomous python. I desperately wanted this nightmare to end, but deep down I was certain it would prolong for at least another 15 minutes. I squeezed my eyes shut as tightly as I could, trying to escape from the wrath of fire. But I knew I couldn’t react this way to the fireworks for a quarter of an hour. I took a small peek around and watched the people around me admiring the brightly lit up sky.

Gradually, I began to relax and opened my eyes to see what all the fuss was about. The golden art above me was too bright for my eyes to handle and so I began squinting. Everyone that encircled me seemed astounded. I wanted to be one of them. I wanted to take pleasure in great nights like this and didn’t want to hide anymore due to my fear. I wanted to remove my mask of fear. I thought to myself, if everyone is fine with this, then I should be too.

With optimism and a new perspective, I looked up. I shivered at the sight but still continued to look up. I wanted to close my eyes at first but I continued to look up, defeating the coward in me and then realized with delight the reason why everyone was enchanted by this sight. I immediately sensed a sudden rush of excitement and felt elated by the glittering and sparkling view that lay above me. Cautiously, I began to relish it all, including the sound which only added to the excitement. It then struck me that all this wasn’t as appalling as I portrayed it to be. It was spectacular!

I’m glad I broke-out of my shell of fear and now am able to appreciate this canvas of dazzling colours, and I’m glad that I can no longer be known as a pusillanimous person. After encountering my fear of fireworks, it has given me more confidence and has made me realize that fear shouldn’t be a factor in my life anymore.


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