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Produce a case study for a client who presents to you with depression. Include: a) A completed assessment sheet b) A completed contract. Discuss the model of therapy you would use and how you would review and evaluate your work. Contract This is a mutual agreement negotiated between the Counselor and the Client prior to the commencement of counseling. It articulates the responsibilities of the Counselor and Client in the context of the therapeutic relationship they are going to undertake together. Fees, Frequency of Sessions, Counseling Sessions These sessions will last 50-60 minutes.

There are no restrictions to the amount of sessions a client could have. I charge EYE for each 50-60 minute session. Payment should be made in advance prior to sessions. Should you no longer require the service, you should know that there is no canceling fee or hidden charges. However, notice should be given via email or letter, in no less than 48 hours before your appointment, and as above, insufficient notice will mean you have to pay the full charge of the missed session. We may waive this at our discretion.

Should you arrive late the session will still end at the appointed time, this is in fairness to all clients. The fee for that session will remain unaltered. It is agreed that during the counseling sessions all mobile phones are switched off or on silent (unless otherwise agreed by me & the client). It is agreed that you, the client, are sober and not under the influence of alcohol and drugs when attending sessions. It is agreed that I may work with other parties (Doctors, Social Workers) with your agreement and for promotion of your welfare.

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I shall not be liable to the client, for the death or injury of a client, or any loss or damage to the client’s property unless u to negligence or failure of me to perform my obligations under the agreement or general law. I reserve the right to terminate the sessions if you are aggressive and I feel I could be harmed. Holidays You will be given notice of that dates of my holidays at least six weeks in advance. I do not work on the weekends or public holidays, such as bank holidays. You will not Cancellation Things do come up. If you do need to cancel your session please give me 48 hours of advance notice.

Failure to do so would mean that you are charged the missed session fee in full. Confidentiality It is agreed that l, the counselor will listen to and consider everything you say, and not divulge this information to anyone except in the following cases: – You disclose an intention to cause harm to yourself or another person – You disclose an intention to commit suicide – I am compelled to by a court of law – You give your consent for confidentially to be broken – You disclose Child Protection Issues – If I am concerned about your health/behavior and you are not able to perceive this, I may have to seek further help.

Please use extra sheet if needed. I First Name I Address: I London I I Postcode I Telephone: Dry Kirsch The Westerly Avenue Health Practice WWW INS 0203 982 0000 Surname: Ads Guppy position: GPO Other information: I *Depression l* Aliped I Medications I *Lodestone. I *Florentine lather Issues: Possible body Dysphasia Disorder. How does your illness affect you? IAn impact greatly on social life as client barely ever leaves his home. I Has slacked on personal grooming as he rarely socialists. Ethnic origin: Please delete as applicable.

Black African/British Black/Caribbean British White British White Irish White other Asian/ Asian British other: Jon is a young 23 year old man. He says that he has had no previous depression diagnosis. Not sure if family has history of depression; he slays I his Aunt suffered from it, but does not recall witnessing or hearing of any other family members suffering from depression. He says that he I luxuriance a happy childhood and adolescence. He had interest in relationships, and individuals were interested in him, but nothing ever I I materialized because the opportunities never came at the right time.

I I.e. left school 2007, aged 16 with few Gases and got a Job as a trainee mechanic at a local garage. He flourished there, he says. However, late 12009 he lost his Job as the garage was facing for closure. He signed on for AS soon after. According to John this is the start of when I leveraging went wrong; his mother died from aorta failure later that year and in early 2010, he was diagnosed with Aliped, and he lost is I Air. I I The condition heavily impacted on his self -esteem- in particular, developing a negative perception towards his looks.

He began losing his I Air. And it was at this point that he stopped going out as much, due to a comment he received when he expressed an interest in taking out I Inman, who when asked out, laughed in his face and provided what he calls one of the most humiliating experiences, and the thought of I leapfrogging any other women terrifies him for fear of rejection. His already low confidence was further rocked when he was losing his hair due I Tit Lobelia, and plummeted to the point of no return because of his aversion to the initial Aliped medication caused severe acne.

I Len addition to unemployment, Jon has found himself in further financial crisis when his rent went up and being in arrears. I John has tried to get a Job in the past but he was “rejected” due to circumstances such as lack of experience and qualifications. I I.e. feels his looks are destroying his opportunities and it is because of this, for the past 12 months, he very, very rarely goes out. When he I Does leave he feels people are looking at him and laughing, and panics. I He says that he does not feel suicidal.

I He is “stupid” I I.e. is “ugly’ I “Is unworthy of being loved, which is why he has never had a girlfriend”. Client’s Current ways of coping in a crisis. I Stays inside home. I I Retreats into himself in social situations. I Panics. The model of treatment that is going to be used in this instance is CB. John has distorted feelings and thoughts about himself, and this thought process is negatively impacting on his behavior. CB focuses on our ability to evaluate situations, how we label ourselves, emotions and the way we behave in regards to certain situations.

The process will benefit Jon because it will encourage him toward change and will work with him to evaluate the problems at hand, and work to a solution. This therapy will enable Jon of any distorted and irrational thoughts we have about ourselves. CB is limited in the sense that while it seeks to change the way we think of ourselves, it’s a process that it doesn’t scratch beyond the surface of the problems. It focuses on the immediate problems, and deep-rooted, underlying causes can be completely missed. Also, the success of the treatment is dependent on the client’s ant for change.

CB has been proven to be very effective in treating depression and highly recommended by N. I. CE for use on the INS. Randomized studies in America also credited the effectiveness of the therapy. One study was conducted at several academic and community sites in the United States, in order to find out which was more effective in treating depression: CB alone, Florentine, and CB and Florentine combined. The study was carried out over a 36 week period with 327 participants accelerated the response to the therapy and reduced depressive symptoms, and adding CB to the medication enhanced the safety of the medication.

The following documents the rates of response from week 12: . Rates of response were 73% for combination therapy, 62% for Florentine therapy, and 48% for CB at week 12; 85% for combination therapy, 69% for Florentine therapy, and 65% for CB at week 18; and 86% for combination therapy, 81% for Florentine therapy, and 81% for CB at week 36. Suicidal ideation decreased with treatment, but less so with Florentine therapy than with combination therapy or CB. Suicidal events were more common in patients achieving Florentine therapy (14. %) than combination therapy (8. 4%) or CB (6. 3%). (TADS, 2007) The conclusion of the study was that taking in account the benefits and the harms, combined therapy was more effective than CB alone and Florentine alone. A similar study, this was conducted by researchers from University of Exeter and many other academic institutions in the I-J. This time however, the study was to investigate the effectiveness of CB as an add-on when dealing with adult patients with depression. The results showed slightly different readings. The study found

Individuals who received CB had three times as much chance of responding to medication than those who didn’t receive CB treatment and was on medication alone. The study also found that in patients who had depression, the symptoms (depression) were reduced in less than 12 months. (The lancelet) In both studies, existence of CB in the treatment of depression saw that the client’s response accelerated and depression was reduced. Because of the many different issues Jon potentially has such as Body Dysphasia he may also need to have other treatment in conjunction with the CB, like Cognitive

Behavior Hypnotherapy, which has been cited as very effective when combined with CB. The homework would be good for the client as it enables the client to develop new and effective skills to deal with the issues again should it reappear. The newly learned skills will give the client a boost of confidence and make them feel worthwhile again. To evaluate and review my work, I would use professional logs such as a tape recording of the sessions; I could hold regular review sessions with the client to gain feedback on how they feel the session is going, and how they feel things could improve.

I could also ask the client to evaluate the progress in writing at the end of the sessions, sort of like a goodbye letter, would be one way that I could reflect on methods. Q. Write a reflective log evaluating your learning on this course. What new knowledge and skills have you gained? What are your future goals for development? I appreciate myself a lot more now and what I know I can achieve. As Vive mentioned in earlier logs, I already possessed skills like empathy and listening skills. With this course, however, I have developed a memorable structured approach when assisting linens who are distressed, and how to empower them.

There are some actions that clients can commit certain crimes and have certain crimes committed to them, but I feel that I would be able to be professional enough to assist them should they come to help, without getting emotionally involved. I have learned about what a counselor can and can’t and the ethical boundaries, in order to become a good and effective counselor. As I have mentioned in earlier logs, my knowledge of the counseling and psychotherapy field was very limited beyond knowing that the counselor or therapist deed good listening skills, and respecting confidentiality and dignity.

I have learned to appreciate the differences and similarities of different therapy approaches, and consider the arguments for and against the validity I no longer balk and my eyes no longer glass over when I see medical research reports. One of my favorite aspects of the course, aside from reading about the pioneers of the different approaches, was the researching, and being able to look at study reports and realism I understand or have a good idea of what the results mean because of the language and terminology used that was learnt in the course.

After the counseling and Psychotherapy course I will be enrolling on to the CB and the mental health courses with My Distance learning to get a better feel of the mental health sector, as it is a field that interests me greatly due to persons in my personal life struggles with mental health in some capacity. I will be doing an NIL practitioners course that focuses on personal development in terms of effective communication with work colleagues and trying to understand the unique minds of individuals. In October I will be doing my Psychology degree. The psychology degree has a few modules that relate to counseling.

I am hoping that by the end of next year I am hoping to gain a lot more practical knowledge through voluntary work placements on my course. I hope that wherever in 2 or 4 years, I am able to extremely comfortable within myself to practice and to achieve accreditation with BACK, SC and BSP. I hope that I will be able to help many people with their problems, and with the knowledge I have gained from the course, effectively. Evaluation I have learned all about the core conditions that underpin counseling and psychotherapy approaches. How to deal with clients with suicide problems


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