Multi Culture gives people multiple choices Essay

Both of the two authors are well educated Muslim women. They all live In Canada, and they both struggled with oscillation and dilatation’s. Although they have so many similarities, basically, they are very different because their responding to life In Canada Is contrary. First of all, their attitudes toward local people are not the same. Needed Mustang felt strongly offended when people treated her as a new comer. She wrote in her article that strangers spoke to her loudly and slowly, as If she could not understand English. When they asked how she likes living in Canada. He let uncomfortable, and even a little bit angry. She dislikes the way people talk to her, although they do not do it on purpose. People might just talk to her to show their kindness, but she only saw the gloom and darkness in it. She could not accept the way Canadian people looked at her. She felt herself was rudely judged by people. She mentioned in her article that people saw her as a radical terrorist or a symbol of oppressed womanhood. Her description in the article reveals that she was disgusted with people’s stares, glances and notices. Lamas Kidding also describes people in

Toronto as unfriendly. She told us in her article that she has been patronizing a store for six weeks. The storekeeper never said a word to her. And she said people becoming almost friendly during Christmas. The word “almost” means that she does not think people are friendly in daily life. But her attitude towards these people is much more tolerant than Needed Mustang’s. She also noticed the kindness and goodness of these people. She told us that people changed during Christmas, no matter what they used to be. They tried to be friendly; they talked to strangers, and milled at them.

Her neighbors invited her into their homes, showing her their lights, decorations and preparations for Christmas. And she was also invited to parties. All these changes make her delightful. She said that she stopped frowning all the time. Secondly, the ways they choose to respond to their lives in Canada are quite different. Needed Mustang was born, raised up, and educated In Canada. She mentioned In her article that when she was a teenager girl, she used to on a diet, In order to keep fit and reach the standard of beauty. She did what any other Canadian arils would do.

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She behaved as a Canadian. But when she grew up, she changed her mind. She has taken to wearing the traditional halvah to cover her body, not only because she believes that her body Is her own business, but also she takes this action to express her rejection against the society. Apparently, the way she responds to the life in Canada represents the feeling of resentment and opposition. To the contrary, Lamas Kidding chose to integrate herself into Canadian society. She decided to celebrate Christmas, which is generally considered as a Christian festival.


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