Movie Review on Juno by Jason Reitman Essay

Adolescence period is so the most exciting yet the most debatable phase in the life of every person. This thought is absolutely portrayed by Jason Reitman’s Juno as the film negotiations about the life of a whip-smart. witty and mature beyond her age miss named Juno MacGaff who finds herself pregnant at a really immature age after a sexual brush with her best friend Paulie Bleeker. At first. Juno leans toward an abortion to work out her job on teenage gestation.

But when she realizes that the babe already has fingernails. she decides to give the babe for acceptance. Juno’s pa and stepmother aid her to repair the legal paperwork of acceptance with the twosome Vanessa and Mark. But the state of affairs goes debatable as Juno realizes that Vanessa and Mark are non the perfect possible adoptive parents she of all time thought. In the terminal. Juno understands many things about her adolescence because of what happened to her ( The Internet Movie Database 2010 ) .

Aside from absolutely discoursing the quandaries of the striplings about sexual experimentation and unplanned gestation. this film is considered to be interesting and deserving reflecting since it provides assorted emotional and psychological facets that need curative deductions through the curious qualities exhibited by the chief characters of the narrative. Juno. the chief character. is described as a brainsick precocious adolescent who considers that she is smarter than the adult ups that is diffident she frequently decides by herself believing that she understands the universe better than everyone else.

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Paulie Bleeker is perceived as a shy-determinate fellow of Juno who acts irresponsibly after his sexual brush with the miss. Mark. an old cat who is seeking to deliver his personality. and Vanessa. a adult female who is enduring from middle-age-crisis of non holding a babe. are the baby’s prospective adoptive parents whom besides show emotional and psychological quandaries. Juno’s male parent. in add-on. besides suffers from the job of raising a adolescent girl by himself since the married woman has left him while the stepmother likewise suffers from a restriction of seeking to be a female parent of person else’s kid.

Everybody in the film has its ain quandary that is deserving reflecting every bit far as curative and counseling deductions are concerned. Curative Implications One of the critical points that needs the assistance of curative procedure is reflected on the word picture of Juno MacGaff. the supporter of the narrative. which improbably shows the independent and intelligent side of the adult females of this coevals as she tries to work out her job on unplanned gestation all by herself.

Her bravery shown while on the brink of deciding her quandary is genuinely singular for a 16 twelvemonth old miss like her. But however. Juno besides absolutely portrays one of the negative properties of the young person today when she tries to move like a mature person in order to work out her job. This attitude of the today’s young person is so the really ground why some of them are perpetrating incorrect determinations in life ( Jaffe 1998 ) . Juno could hold resorted to abortion if she followed her foremost instinct to decide the job and ne’er solicited the advocate of the grown-ups and friends.

Juno. through the portraiture of this film. represents the immatureness that resides to most striplings which tells that they understand the universe better than the seniors do and they think that they can repair unintended effects of their determinations. This is the really ground why Juno is moving like a existent independent and smart teenage miss. Although her sense of independence is a good point. but however. it is an advantageous trait that needs curative deduction among the young person to decrease the jobs on sexual experimentation and unplanned gestation.

Another state of affairs that needs curative deduction is found in the word picture of Paulie Bleeker. the cold-hearted and irresponsible best friend of Juno with whom she encountered sexual activity that makes her pregnant at an early age. Paulie Bleeker. after the sexual brush. leaves everything to Juno’s determinations about the hereafter of their babe. What is even worse is the state of affairs when Paulie Bleeker tells Juno that he has no feeling for the miss other than friendly relationship. This manifests the truth about the sexual patterns that the young person are now engaged.

Some are truly hooked up into pre-marital sex non because of love but merely due to wonder and experimentation. Paulie Bleeker is the perfect representation of the work forces who merely like to hold sexual brush with adult females but ne’er think of the duty that is attached to it. In this sense. it is proven that young person presents need to be counseled and taught how to go responsible and accountable to all their Acts of the Apostless in order to avoid teenage jobs such as pre-marital sex and unplanned gestation ( Golden 2002 ) .

Personal Deductions Through the word pictures in this film. I came to recognize that parental counsel and guidance is an indispensable factor that mostly determines the success of the life of an stripling. Pre-marital sex and teenage gestation could be extremely eliminated with the proper counsel of the parents. friends and environment of the striplings. For case. Juno could non hold resorted to sexual experimentation and wonder if and merely if she is decently attended by a attention of her ain female parent.

Although Juno’s stepmother shows ample concern for her. it is so better if Juno’s existent female parent is present during the adolescent period of the miss since it is considered to be the most debatable phase of development in the life of really single ( Jaffe 1998 ) . Likewise. the counsel of a female parent to a girl is better as of the father’s presence. Though Juno’s male parent shows besides considerable love and concern fro the miss. it is non truly adequate since a female parent still knows best for a girl like Juno.

This thought is true since a female parent understands good the feeling of a girl if women’s inherent aptitudes. properties and the similar will be considered. Juno could hold been decently guided about pre-marital sex and sexual experimentation if her female parent is on her side. It will be awkward if the male parent negotiations about sex to his girl. Furthermore. I besides reflected through this film that matrimony or matrimonial relationship is someway strengthened by the approval of siblings to the twosomes. Take for case the instance of the twosome Mark and Vanessa.

Their relationship is so in great quandary since they don’t have the ability to hold a kid or sibling. This fact is proven on their desire to hold a kid by the program of following Juno’s babe. Nevertheless. I besides learned through this twosome that holding a babe is still non a warrant for the digesting matrimonial relationship. For the hubbies. following a kid does non counterbalance their pleasance and joy of holding a babe of their ain flesh and blood. Mark would even go happier if the babe that his married woman will rise up will come from them.

Hence. in this sense. though some manage to keep an enduring relationship without the presence of a kid. kids are so the seal of the felicity and endurance of any matrimonial relationship in this universe. On the portion of Juno MacGaff and Paulie Bleeker. I came to cognize that the sense of duty is one of the of import things that the young person should cognize in order to avoid teenage jobs and depressions. Through Juno. I realized that even though how an stripling is smart and independent is. still. the counsel and guidance of the grown-ups is really of import.

Parents still know what is best for their kid. Hence. striplings should non believe that they are smarter than the grown-ups. Likewise. through Paulie Bleeker. I learned that the sense of duty should be ever taught to the striplings in order to avoid them from teenage jobs and anxiousnesss. In entire. Jason Reitman’s Juno is a great film which delves on the paradigm of adolescent pre-marital sex and unplanned gestation – issues that should be decently addressed presents in order to supply better hereafter for the young person.


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