Mother and opened hospitals for the poor

Mother Teresa was an iconic beacon of hope that continues to inspire people all over the world to do good and help the needy. Mother Teresa was a woman who helped thousands of poor or needy people around the world regardless of their race, ethnicity, or gender. Mother Teresa was a shining light for all the needy people in the world because of how she was compassionate to everyone. Mother Teresa was born on August 26th 1910 in a town named Skopje in present day Macedonia. Mother Teresa’s given birth name is Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu. As a child, Mother Teresa often went with her mother as she donated food and clothing to the poor. Mother Teresa went to a Catholic school where she learned about the missionaries in India and was inspired to be a missionary. Mother Teresa passed away on September fifth 1997 due to a heart attack. When she was 18 years old, she joined the Sisters of Loreto in Calcutta, India. She taught history and geography there. In 1946, Mother Teresa felt a “call within a call”. She felt that God was telling her to help the poor by living with them. By 1948, Mother Teresa went to Calcutta, India and gave up all her possessions to be one of the poor. At the time, Calcutta was one of the poorest largest cities worldwide. People were left to die on the streets and many slums existed. Mother Teresa vowed to serve the poorest of the poor. Mother Teresa accepted no reward for what she did and asked for anything.Mother Teresa established over 500 centers and helped feed over half a million families. Not only that, she also educated 20,000 children and opened hospitals for the poor who were not accepted into any other hospitals. Mother Teresa provided shelter for orphans, lepers, alcoholics, and drug addicts. Mother Teresa has changed the lives of millions of needy people.Mother Teresa’s vow to serve the poorest of the poor has helped the lives of millions of people and inspired millions more to do good in the world. Mother Teresa’s peaceful kind words have affected the lives of countless people.


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