Most that life begins at birth. That’s

Most of us all know about the huge argument over abortion being legal or not. Do you know what side you are on? After reading some of the biggest negatives about abortion maybe your opinion will change or stay the way it is. You never know. “It’s the killing of an innocent human being.” Unborn babies are considered human beings by the United States government. The federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act was enacted to protect unborn children from assault and murder.( “Abortion” ProConorg Headlines , ) The law states that you can get punished if you violate this act.The punishment is not death but the court-material directs your punishment.( thing is that life begins at conception. The catholic religion believes that the unborn child should be treated as a human being at the beginning of conception.( “Ethics- Abortion: When is the Foetus ‘Alive’?” BBC,BBC)Some people disagree and think that life begins at birth. That’s why pro-choice people (people who believe it’s the mothers choice to abort the baby or not) probably think abortion is no big deal. The problem is, is that life begins at conception. If something has a heartbeat it’s alive right?. Eighteen days after conception the baby has a heartbeat. It’s living and is innocent.( “Need Help?” Life Matters) There are also way more negative things about abortion. Up next is the harming of abortion. Abortion is harmful to the mother’s body. There are really different ways that it’s harmful. There are side effects.(“Possible Physical Side Effects After Abortion.” American Pregnancy Association 2 Sept. 2016) Death is one of them. Is that something you really want just because you don’t want a baby? Here are some other physical damages it can do to you. If you want a baby in the future,your past abortion could put some risks on the life you’re bringing into this world. You could end up having preterm birth and low birth weight. ( “Abortion Risks Abortion Dangers and Abortion Complications” Post-Abortion Bible Study)Now, let’s look at the emotional side of the harmfulness this can do to you. You can end up with emotional problems like depression and suicide. According to scientists “a teenage girl who has had an abortion is ten times more likely to commit suicide over a girl who hasn’t had an abortion”. That’s a lot when you come to think about it. “Studies have found that similar statistics of significance of history with the difference between abortion and suicide”. (“ The consequences are pretty risky for abortions. Most of the time this is your fault. You need to grow up and take responsibility for your action. Don’t punish the unborn baby for your mistakes. Here’s the argument. “Well what if the mother is raped or she can die”. That’s a tragedy, not the normal for most people. It’s actually stated that 99% of people who get an abortion are people who just don’t want the baby. What I’m explaining is that this is all about the people who just decide to get rid of the baby because they decided to do something. Here’s a thing Dr. Phil said “You choose the behavior or thought you choose the consequences” What this means for this particular topic is that you decided to do the nasty your consequence is ending up with a baby. There is a solution to this problem too. If you feel like you are not ready and are unprepared to take care of a child put them up for adoption.(“” Abortion Facts- Information on abortion you can use) Go through with the pregnancy and then after put them in a orphanage for people who aren’t able to have children and would want them. That’s probably the most easiest thing to do. You don’t have and kill the innocent human being. So, does abortion seem like such a good thing after all? Do you think all of this ok? Did this change your opinion? If it did that’s a good thing choose pro life over pro choice.


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