Moral dilemma Essay

A moral quandary entails a pick between two extremely conflicting values. where the determination made may ensue in guilt and compunction. As respondents we are able to measure our ain values in respects to the character’s actions. These features are present in the texts Montana 1948 by Larry Watson 1993. The Returning by Daniel De Paola 1964 and Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby 2004. I personally have been influenced to measure my ain values towards household ties. justness and the balance between right and incorrect.

When faced with a moral quandary. turning away and denial frequently result in greater effects. In Montana 1948 the sheriff Wes has conflicting values of household trueness and justness taking to an huge moral quandary whether to convict his ain brother even though this may hold an inauspicious consequence on familial ties. Wes alternatively resorts to denial of the state of affairs.

This denial is highlighted shortly after Franks development of Indian adult females was brought to visible radiation by Gail. Wes attempts to decline Marie’s accusals. “For Gods sake. you know how she ( Marie ) likes to do up narratives. ” Despite cognizing his brothers capableness to perpetrate such actions his aggressive tone shows his opposition to Gail’s statement. instinctively protecting his value of household over the jurisprudence and besides his trueness to Marie. After coming to footings with the facts of Franks contrariness Wes attempts to work out the job. although half heartedly. by facing Frank. “I think the jobs been taken attention of. Frank said he’ll cut it out. ” In this context the conversational linguistic communication ‘cut it out’ . mentioning to the molestation and raping of adult females. sabotaging the state of affairs. cut downing its badness and leting Wes to non merely warrant his ain turning away but to lenify Gail. The relevant effect to his deficiency of action is Frank’s slaying of Marie the undermentioned twenty-four hours. in an effort to dispose of grounds against him. a much graving tool destiny than if Wes had convicted Frank ab initio.

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Denial of a moral quandary is besides manifest in the movie Million Dollar Baby. The scene in which Maggie asks Frankie to stop her life. Frankie is faced with an unfathomable determination that contradicts his love for her as a girl but besides his religion in God. Repetition of “I can’t” demonstrates Frankie’s affliction towards the state of affairs. The diegetic sound of Maggie’s take a breathing paired with a stopping point up shooting references Maggie’s changeless agony back uping her ground to implore Frankie for the favor. Frankie chose to avoid maggie’s petition until she attempts to take the job into her ain custodies. The usage of dark lighting in the concluding infirmary scene. emits an eerie feeling to symbolize Frankie’s dashing and pressing undertaking. He realises he must stop her agony.

These texts demonstrate that making what is morally right may be hard. However I have learnt that the result of disregarding an issue may go an even bigger load. If presented with a moral quandary. I would work to work out the job every bit rapidly as possible but besides to take the clip to make it right. The perceptual experience different persons hold for one another influences the attack taken in a moral quandary. foregrounding values of household. race and societal position. In watson’s novel Wes is cognizant of the racial division. upon native American Indians of the clip. This bias plays a big function in the intervention of Marie. The bias of the native Indian adult females is apparent in Julian’s comparing of native American adult females to “red meat” The derogatory metaphor ‘red meat’ conveys his perceptual experience of the native American Indian females as lowly animate beings. simply alive for amusement value.

However Wes has a moral quandary between the bias and his personal beliefs. This is demonstrated in the scene prior to Marie falling ill. David describes Wes as: “He merely held them ( Indians ) in low regard…he could handle Indians with generousness and regard ( as he could handle every other human being ) ” The usage of the pronoun ‘them’ is intended to bring down crudeness and lower status on American Indians by pigeonholing them. meanwhile the words ‘generosity’ and ‘respect’ keeping positive intensions. show Wes’ broader position. The struggle between his personal and household values pose a moral quandary. Wes’ valuable perceptual experience of all persons lives. override the positions held by his brother and male parent. obliging him to seek justness.

In Daniel De Paola’s short narrative “The Returning” we are presented with an underlying struggle between the Whites and the indigens. Although non spoken between one another. each character has been influenced by society to keep certain positions. Negative intensions from Dark cat expressed in “At another clip and topographic point. he wouldn’t have wanted to linger in a room entirely with a white adult female. ” Contrasting with “But here and now there was merely friendliness between them. ” Conveys Dark cats prejudice towards Whites. Meanwhile. high mode nowadays in “never felt” shows that Dark cat may be turning a new foliage with the Whites. This illustration demonstrates that moral quandary can do one rethink their prejudice.

As discussed each character has conflicting predetermined values and beliefs that straight affect their determination. I have come to a decision that although mentally proving. the manner in which I would manage a hard state of affairs would be to seek to be cognizant and disregard irrational biass.

Through my survey of moral quandary. in peculiar in the texts Montana 1948. The Returning and Million Dollar Baby I have come to oppugn values such as household. justness and the balance between what is right or incorrect. I would move instantly to decide the quandary and get the better of any bias that conflicts with my determination.


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