Montana 1948 Practice Essay

Subject: “At the bosom of ‘Montana 1948’ is the struggle between trueness to the household and responsibility to the community” . To what extent do you hold?

In Larry Watson’s ‘Montana 1948’ . there is an overpowering struggle between trueness to household and responsibility to the community. The Hayden household are really loyal to one another but this trueness goes excessively far and causes struggle. In the Hayden household. there is a deficiency of responsibility to the community and this creates some small-town tenseness. When people attempt to be loyal to their household. they are unable to be loyal to the community every bit good. making interior struggle. In the bosom of ‘Montana 1948’ is the struggle between trueness to household and responsibility to the community.

Loyalty in the Hayden household nurtures the struggles. as loyal determinations and actions go excessively far. The Haydens are really loyal to one another and Wesley and Julian ( in specific ) . set their household foremost. After Frank committed his offenses of colza. David’s father “knew he was guilty” . Yet Wesley Lashkar-e-Taibas Frank acquire off with it. because they are brothers and in their eyes. household is the first precedence. This trueness creates conflict non merely to the wider community. but to their ain household every bit good. The relationship between Julian and Wesley is a scaring one at certain points in the novel. Julian “wanted. he needed. power” . and he gets this power from the authorization he has over his kid. Wesley ( and the community itself ) .

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Julian is dismissive of Frank’s offenses and asserts his dismissive behavior upon Wesley. act uponing the determinations Wesley makes. As a consequence of Julian’s authorization. combined with his intimidating nature and his ‘family first’ positions. Wesley fails to do determinations of his ain that aren’t affected by the force per unit areas of other people. Wesley informs Gail that Frank will “have to run into his penalty in the hereafter” . and that he “won’t make anything to set up it in this life” . He says these things because he is afraid of Julian. Loyalty in Hayden household creates struggle within the household itself.

In the little community of Mercer County. Montana. there is a deficiency of responsibility to function others. and this creates struggle. The deficiency of responsibility in the community
on Wesley’s behalf is finally what kills Marie Little Soldier. ( However that’s non to state that Frank’s actions had small to make with her death. ) If Wesley’s actions and determinations were different. so Marie’s life could hold been saved. Marie’s decease creates conflict between the Haydens and the remainder of the community. as the prevarications and misrepresentations behind her decease remain largely secret. Peoples in power maltreatment those in the community that have small to none. forestalling the less privileged to come frontward and this creates tenseness.

Duty to the Mercer County lacks the most in two ways. First. there is prejudice towards the native Indians from a batch of people in town. And secondly. there is an unfair process of jurisprudence that Wesley carries out when managing his brother. Frank. Wesley is a premier illustration of a character that does non carry through his responsibilities to the community. Wesley “believed Indians. with merely a few exclusions. were nescient. lazy. superstitious. and irresponsible” . Wesley besides says that Frank “didn’t want to be locked up in the jail” . and that he “would esteem that” . The less the community is served by Wesley. the more the struggle physiques between them. Duty to the community in Mercer County is missing. doing tenseness to construct.

There is a struggle between the trueness towards household and the trueness towards the community. as the trueness towards both of these groups. battles to coexist. Wesley is in a tough state of affairs where the picks he makes are critical. But. the determinations are frequently 1s that will impact household in one manner. and the community in another. In other words. when his picks make a positive impact on the community. they frequently have a negative consequence on household ( and frailty versa ) .

Wesley “believes that in this universe people must pay for their crimes” . yet he is torn between justness and household when it comes to organizing a declaration. There is struggle within Wesley himself as he battles with the hard picks between functioning the community. and being loyal to his household. If Wesley gaols Frank. so he helps the community. but betrays household ; and if Wesley lets Frank roam free. he helps his brother. but betrays the community. There is interior struggle residing in Wesley’s ideas. as trueness towards household and the trueness towards the community fail to travel hand-in-hand.

Larry Watson’s ‘Montana 1948’ is a text that addresses the struggle between trueness to household and responsibility to the community. Loyalty in the Hayden household goes farther than it should and tension physiques among their relationships. The Haydens are unequal in their duties to the community. stirring up tenseness between these two societal groups. Loyalty to household can’t coexist with trueness to the community. furthering the interior struggles of certain persons. In Mercer County. household and the community are two separate entities. and the dedications made to either of these groups prove cataclysmal. when trueness goes excessively far.


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