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In this report I will discussing a problem that has occurred and how it will
Be dealt with 

The purpose of this report is to understand and deal with the customers issue
that has arisen
In this report it will be Solved by using the service quality gap model.

By using the service quality gap model this will help the employees when
dealing with situations with customers step by step until the situation has
been resolved but also to make sure once resolved that the problem will not
occur again to always ensure a customer has a great experience 

Service quality gap model includes five gaps which are: Market research gap 1, Design Gap 2, Conformance Gap 3, Communication Gap 4, and
customer satisfaction Gap 5.

Q) Identify three courses of action including at least one
that relates to supply chain management that would have prevented the situation
from arising.  

Even through the ”The Kitchen” is well known for their
homemade pies and cakes it doesn’t state that the store is only selling
homemade products however this has made the customer feel miss leaded from
buying a product that he thought was freshly made as before the cake was freshly
made till the shop decided to buy it in frozen but did not state the change to
the customers for them feel to be entitled in the change of choice

From following the service gap model there are plenty of
outcomes that could be taken in order to prevent the situation from occurring

Courses of action that ”The Kitchen” could have taken to
prevent the situation from arising would be firstly for the members of staff to
apologize to the customer as he was outraged from hearing that the cake he
purchases is in fact delivered frozen to the shop from a mass producer, the
customer felt the shop was misrepresenting the food products they sell which he
was not impressed with as he states that he would only pay premium price if the
product was freshly made so hearing that the cake he purchases isn’t 
,branching out an apology could make the customer feel better as you are taking
in the matter and the customer will understand and see that you are on the path
of trying to help and correct the situation

The Staff should be fully trained to deal with customers. They should never
treat the customer in such a way as to make them feel angry. If a mistake
occurs then training should enable the staff to deal with such problems and
rectify the mistake so as not the let the company down and above all apologize
to the customer.  putting them at ease. They must make them feel as though
they had a right to complain and that a mistake had happened in the store which
would now be rectified to ensure it will never happen again for that customer
or anyone else and 
Perhaps a discount on the correct product might ease the situation. 


Market research gap 1:
This is understanding
the customers, knowing what their expectations are? and what managers think
they expect. 

Design Gap 2: This is among
management perception and the exact  pattern the customer encounters ,Managers
need to validate the business is setting the level of service they
consider is required.

Conformance Gap 3 – this is from the
experience specification to the delivery of the experience 

Managers need to review the customer experience that their business currently provides
in order to prove it lives up to its requirements

Communication Gap 4: this is the gap
between the transfer of the customer experience and what is conversed to

An lastly customer satisfaction Gap 5:
this is the gap between a customer’s view of the experience and the customer’s expectancy
of the service

ways the store could improve their customer service would be by displaying a
menu stating the cakes and pies they sell with the listed ingredients involved
in them but also having signs made for ones that have been freshly made for
customers to see what they are purchasing or having freshly made cakes in one section perhaps
on different sides of the Store. 

The way the product is advertised Is another way for the customer to be alert
of the product such as noticeable eye catching , colorful , big fronted signs
that will make the customers alert of the section of the store they are buying
the product from before asking to purchase the dessert 

All mass production food items should all have the use by date , when a fresh
made cake is baked a member of staff should display a small print stating
freshly made on this date (for example 4/12/17) by Dave , so customers can
physically see themselves this could stop confusion , as the ones that haven’t
been freshly made from staff won’t have a sign stating freshly made on it and
will have a longer sell by date since the product is brought frozen 

To advertise locally source fresh goods and then supply mass produced frozen
goods under that description is totally wrong and illegal. Customers pay a high
price for handmade items and expect to receive what they paid for. 

To sum up the Store must train staff. The labelling and position of the goods
must be established. For any store to succeed the customers must always be
pleased with their purchases so to this end every customer should be treated as
if they were special this way they will return to the store because they
were happy with the service, meaning they will become regular customers, which
could in fact draw in others customers and thereby increasing turnover. 

The store must be made to realize where cakes pies etc. are label handmade,
locally sourced and organic this must be the case and all homemade food must be
home made. 

It should be pointed out to them that If customers wanted mass produced goods
they could go to their local supermarket and purchase at a considerably lower
cost. Home Made means care and quality to deceive their customers is totally

If a company (Store) do not trade by their original thoughts and promises and
do not seek to keep their good name and loyal customers these said customers
will stop buying their goods. This then leads to rival traders to capitalize on
the initial success of the original company who will never keep their good name
and therefore the risk of bankruptcy. 


An brief conclusion of
the report I have discussed the service quality gaps involving an issue a
customer was facing and how to resolve the problem by using the Service quality
gap model guide to find a solution to ensure the customer comes first and is
happy with the outcome.



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