Modern World Essay

Shaping Time After many long-lasting years in the history of our world, it is difficult to pick a time frame and place from where the modern world originated. Although there are many important and dramatic events in history, the birth of the modern world happened in Europe from 1500-1600 AD because of the incredible renaissance, the defying reformation and the courageous age of exploration. All these critical moments in time shaped the world into what it is today. Merchants trading, Italian bankers sitting on 22222 benches, this was the birth of Contemporary economy.

Commerce exploded during the renaissance, wealth was Ewing held by a new level of people. Now that there was money in hands of this new “middle class” the people had new opportunities in life. More and more middle class people had availability to a variety of education and knowledge. Contrary from the middle ages, brawn does not beat knowledge anymore. The more knowledgeable people there were in Europe the more humanity could advance in a whole being individualistic, yet competition always arises in human nature.

For the first time in history, this competition drove the creation of new ways of life. All the Italian city- tastes were competing to be the prettiest and most powerful state in Italy, because of this competition the best architecture, art, astronomy, and anatomy practices came up. Renaissance Europe introduced many new feats that we after 700 years still hold close to our hearts. Humankind right now still works on the technology and knowledge that was created during the renaissance, with out the knowledge that came out of the Renaissance the world would not be the same.

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Individuals started to question the Catholic Church after the Bubonic Plague ravaged through Europe. The citizens thought that the church was not protecting them in the mime of need, yet not many people stood up against the church. The people who did stand up against the church got brutally executed by burning at the stake. One individual, Martin Luther, had extreme valor against the danger of the church. Being a monk himself, he saw fatal flaws in the WA y the Roman Catholic Church was directed.

With great bravado Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis to his local church wall. This document contained 95 arguments that he had towards the church, each one stating a problem of the church that could be easily fixed. After a long ordeal, Martin Luther got burned at the stake for betraying the church. This sole man created a wave of change for the Religion of this new knowledgeable, individualistic people. Groups of different people began to agree with Martin Luther and created new branches of the church with the rules that they set out to have.

With the creation of new sectors of religions, an individual human could have their own personal choice of what religion to follow and how to follow it. This gave the grand population of Europe the freedom of religion. To this day, many people around the globe have the choice to pick their religion with no discrimination or injustice, Just death. Finally, with this reformed knowledgeable civilization, countries began to look for control over more trade, because more trade gives you more money, and money is power.

Along with more knowledge of the world around them, special people directed from the monarchs traveled through different parts of the world only to find a new route to India. With their tremendous efforts, Portugal was the first country to explore new parts of the world. As any other circumstance, competition was a major drive for all other countries to reach the same goal to find a new route to Asia for their luxurious goods. As time goes on in the Age of exploration, the most important discovery of land would be Columbus and the Americas.

Columbus set out to find a new route to the sumptuous India; rather, he actually encountered land now known to be Dominican Republic. Encountering the New land had great consequences for the entire world. Europe became in contact with new fruits and vegetables like potatoes that would save their lives later on. There was a great deal of trade in this new place on earth, from the Europeans to the so-called “Indians”. Europe gained more material goods that let them learn of the world around them and how it works fervently to Just Europe.

Sadly, materialistic goods were not the only things that they gained out of exploring new lands; they were in contact with new diseases to the average European immune system. Of course their own immune system had never experienced these dreadful viruses that had dramatic effects Just like the Bubonic Plague. Not only goods and diseases were gained when traveling to the New World, also power. The power gained by countries like Spain during the Age of Exploration, has lasted until today. Spain conquered and owned everything left of the line in the Treaty of Terrestrials.

This significant treaty agreed on that the land left of the line was for Spain and the right part was for Portugal. Until today the countries (Colombia, Venezuela, etc) left of that line speak Spain’s national language (Spanish), and the country right of that line speaks Portugal national language (Portuguese). All in all, the Age of Exploration brought many new goods, knowledge and power to European countries. All the information gained from this time has been passed down generation to generation in every place on earth, letting human kind advance with the basic idea’s made up during this time.

Now in the modern world, we can look back in time and analyze what moments made up the world we lived today. Realizing that the most influential time in history was from 1500-1700 because of the incredible renaissance, the defying reformation and the courageous Age of Exploration, we can strongly state that all these moments made up our modern world that we live in today. Know that we know about the past and how it shaped our lives today, we can wonder in amazement on how our world today will shape the future. If the past has shaped the present, then our present will shape the future.


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