Mobile Phone and Expo Essay

Instagram is an application that allows us to update our followers through photos. It is a free photo sharing programme and social network that has more than 80 million users created by Kevin Systrom and Michel Mike Krieger. It is very easy to use and very user friendly. We can upload our photo about the expo anywhere and everywhere. This can increase the market targeted. There are so many ways to use instagram as business such as promote the product to the instagram users, show the instagram’s user the preview of the expo and show the activities in the expo.

We can use instagram to promote the product to the followers to acknowledge people that the product is useful and the specification about the product. This can increase people’s interest to know more about the product that we promote. Thus, this will attract more people to come to the expo and increase the number of customers. We can upload many different pictures of the products that we promote so the users can see variety of products and can choose the best product that they want. We can show the product from the very first it was invented until the latest.

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For example, we are promoting mobile phones, thus, we can promote from the very first phone that was invented by Martin Cooper back then in 1973 untill the latest phone such as iphone 5, Samsung galaxy note II and many more. Moreover, we can show the instagram’s user the preview of the expo itself. This will be like a sneak peek to the users to know about what the expo is all about. This is the preview about the expo so the users will be attracted and come to the expo thus, this will increase the market itself. urthermore, we can upload picture of a map or location of the expo so that this will ease the customer to come and visit the expo. We will have more customers to do businesses with our company. Instagram is like a platform for a company to promote their product in immediate and effective way and do not cost money. Showing the activities held in the expo is always a good market strategy to attract customers. We can upload the picture of activities done in instagram and let the people know about what we do in the expo.


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