Mma and Children Essay

Kids doing AMA is a sport which contains anger and should not be allowed until a certain age. It is a violent sport. However, violence is referred to as, use of excessive physical force, which causes or has obvious potential to cause harm or destruction. Kids doing AMA is obviously absurd, and violent, but how violent is it? The referees are there to prevent a serious amount of damage to a child’s well being. This fighting form is also legal, and parent’s sign their kids up for it themselves, it isn’t random.

Yes t goes against the social norm, but who does not want a kid that is stronger, and more powerful than his peers? Aggressive children obviously have the upper hand in the sport, but remember, it is a sport. This activity could reflect later down the road, possible having a child with anger issues, and is violent outside of the sport. Intimidation is a big part of AMA, and children are very susceptible to fear. If a child loses a fight, it could ruin his confidence for a lifetime, let alone the physical damage he/she could obtain during the match.

Much of the fighting is classified as “brutal odd contact”, which is common in many sports: Football, basketball, soccer, etc. Brutal body contact involves collisions, hits, anything that contacts the body in a harmful, painful manner. Does AMA take over the ethics of sports though? It is a competitive sports, which you inflict injury on your opponent purposely, trying to make them quit or give up. AMA is frowned upon, but rugby is not, and rugby is almost, if not more brutal than actual fighting.

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The collisions in rugby are very forceful, and unprotected. Many may see AMA as good television, but many do not know the physical damage one could receive immediately, or throughout the long UN. Reaction Personally, I love AMA and children partaking in the activity. With the society we live in, protection is a must. People are getting crazier, and more inhumane everyday and you never know what to expect anymore. Some parent’s, and children as well, take AMA more like street fighting, and that should not be acceptable.

If a child has a violent past, they should not be allowed to become an AMA fighter, or Join any classes teaching AMA. It is a sport, which is competitive, and a solo sport. There is not any team support; you Just take up for yourself. I believe that matches should eave strict rules, and if any child seems to be in any sort of pain or danger, they should have to forfeit the match. Fighting at a young age could obviously have many immediate consequences, as well as prolonged problems.

Also, I am an adamant believer that a child’s safety is the most important thing in any situation, let alone fighting. Header should be required until a certain age, due to the fact that the oral Is not Dully Torment at a young age. Hustling can, Ana snouts De taught IT a wants to pursue an AMA career, but if they are starting at the age 6, like some of the ids in the video, they should be taught Just technique and form, and should not be allowed to fully compete in a full out AMA match.

Since it would be hard to completely stop children competing at a young age, I think they should at least modify the rules and only let children compete standing up, or box. It would protect a lot of pain and damage which children at that age have no need to endure. Like I said earlier, a child’s safety is number one, and even though learning AMA could protect their safety throughout their lives, they need to be worried about the present and concerned with the physical damage they would go through.


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