Mikey his body again. “No, that’s not

Mikey locked the bathroom door and sat down in the bathtub. Sobs wracked his body, and his chest felt tight. Did nobody care about him? What was going on? What would they think now? How long would things be this way? It hurt.Then the beat began to sound.No. No, get out of here! Mikey thought, hoping that he could overpower the cadence that pounded in his head. This is not a good time, guys! Not at all! His sobs only became more powerful. His stomach began to tie in knots, and his face was damp with salty tears.Michelangelo…There was another voice in his head. Mikey’s head snapped up, scanning the bathroom. “Wh—who’s there? Who are you?”Do not be afraid, Michelangelo. I am but your saving grace.Mikey looked to the door. It looked ready to burst. Whatever noises came from pounding on the door, they were drowned out by the drumming in his own head. Perhaps his brothers did care…?Don’t be ridiculous, Michelangelo. They don’t care. I care. Join us, Michelangelo, and you will have the world at your disposal.Mikey could feel something pulling in his chest, and in his mind, an inexplicable attraction to the unknown force in front of him. He shut his eyes, doing everything in his power to stop the influence. “N- no…”My, my, my, are you hard to please. You’re pathetic. Mikey’s eyes shot open again, tears still streaming out. You know that. You are insufferable. You are a failure, and you only get in the way of what your brothers do. They think these same thoughts.”No…” Sobs began to wrack his body again. “No, that’s not true!”The drumming picked up speed and volume. Mikey cried out in reply.All you need to do, Michelangelo, is join us, and you will never feel this way ever again. Mikey trembled as he listened longer.You will have power, riches, you will be respected, and nobody will think less of you. All you need to do is say the word.”Mikey!” He heard a yell of his name through the door, but it was nearly drowned out by the drumming. He couldn’t tell who it was.Say it…Mikey said nothing.Say it, the voice demanded, more forcefully this time. Still there was nothing but Mikey’s painful sobs. The drumming became too loud for him to tolerate.SAY IT!The door fell down, kicked open by Raphael. All sound ceased, and Mikey’s ears rang loudly.


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