Microcephaly Disease Essay

The Final Years of Michael Jackson Unmasked. Canada. Transit Media In Helping’s depiction of the end of Michael Jackson’s life in his novel he recounts the major events towards the end of his career including; his 2005 child molestation trials, early allegations of child abuse, the mystery behind the mother of his child Blanket, his addiction to pain medications, his many illnesses and what really lead to the death of Michael Jackson.

Haltering claims that he believes that the immense amount of greed from the people around Jackson lead to his death. In particular their high demand to force him to launch his 50 concert series in London drained him of his mental and physical heath. Haltering claimed that Jackson had been able to mask his deathly sickness behind cosmetics and sun glasses towards the end of his career at first; but the real volume of his Illness came to the light as he prepared for his last and final concert performance in his life.

Ian Haltering is best renowned for his many investigative reports and for having one of the worlds’ leading websites based on pop-Coulter. He Is a world-wide acclaimed documentary film maker and Is listed In New York Times Best Seller List, and Is the author of 9 popular novels.. The most ironic thing about the publication of this novel is that six months before its release to the public, Haltering had biblically announced that Jackson would die within the next six months.

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His purpose for writing and publishing this kook Initially was to get to the bottom of the previous child abuse allegations towards Michael concerning his children; and Haltering indeed did receive praise for his success and tremendous research on the subject matter. Others claimed that his book was rushed, and set back by Michaels death Just to be pulled off the shelf to revise Its content and title. The appendix In the end of his book was heavily cruelled for Its lack of organizational and sloppiness of redundant Information from previous chapters.


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