Microbiology Evaluation Essay

Abstract A control experiment was performed to rule out the effects of the medium and neutralized to allow us to see the effect of the disinfectant on the four organisms within a 5 minute range. The bacterial suspension used for paired at different concentration data was Staphylococcus Erasures for which gave good results when the reduction factor value of 1. Xx ml-l was obtained for the organism as it was above the value 105 which was used a guideline for effectiveness of the test. For class ATA there was four organisms investigated which were: Staphylococcus Erasures, Intercourse hire, Pseudopodia organisms and Escherichia coli. In general the disinfectant didn’t work as class data shows some organism values weren’t above the benchmark value of 105. Intro Disinfectants are agents that destroy many of the components of the micro-organism at once.

These disinfectant agents are composed of many different ingredients such as sterile water and surfactants. The disinfectants will be used against both gram negative and gram positive bacteria. And data will be collected as to how much the significant can reduce the count of the bacterial organism with a contact time of five minutes. We will Judge whether this specific disinfectant can prevent bacteria from spreading. Method Refer to practical booklet Pair Results Count the cuff/plate and record in the tables below.

Bacterial Culture: Staphylococcus Erasures Table 1 – This shows the results of the duplicates at the concentration of the 10-6 and the 10-7 along with the mean values 10-7 Duplicate 1 118 7 Duplicate 2 121 3 Mean cuff ml-l 119. 5 5 Mean cuff ml-l in undiluted* N 119. XX= 1. 195X108 We used the dilution of 10-6 in the calculation to achieve the mean value against concentration as it was the most appropriate dilution because the range we were monitoring was from 30-300 and it fell into the middle of this undiluted bacterial suspension so it would provide a fair summary of the data.

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The next part of the experiment was used as a control as the title suggests it examined whether the neutralized or the disinfectant had any effect on the growth of the microbial organism, which we will comment on based on our results. Table 2 Controls – shows colonies for staphylococcus Erasures formed in controls A, tit no disinfectants or neutralized


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